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    Engineering Finding the bandwidth of a parallel RLC circuit (+MATLAB)

    Homework Statement The attempt at a solution Constructing the total impedance of the circuit as follows, $$\frac{1}{Z_T}=\frac{1}{Z_R}+\frac{1}{Z_C}+\frac{1}{Z_L}$$ where $Z_R=R$, $Z_C=-j\frac{1}{\omega C}$ and $Z_L=j\omega L$. $$\frac{1}{Z_T}=\frac{1}{R}+j\omega C+\frac{1}{j\omega L}$$...
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    I Why are fractions sometimes written as such: (A/B)/C?

    In my physics courses I have seen this kind of notation several times now: $$ \frac {A/B} {C}$$ For instance: or To me it doesn't seem intuitive and ## \frac A {BC}## would seem like a neater way of writing it. Therefore I wonder if there's any specific reason to why people write it...
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    Velocity Charged Particle between Parallel Plates

    Homework Statement Can't really find out b, probably due to a mistake in a. Was wondering what I did wrong. Homework Equations Kinematic equations of motion, w/ constant a ##F=qE## The Attempt at a Solution [/B] (a) ##E=\frac {\Delta V} {\Delta d}= \frac {V_R-V_L} {L} = \frac {V_0}{L} ##...
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    I Difference Analysis and Calculus

    I'm a bit torn on what the difference between analysis and calculus is, I read somewhere that calculus is pretty much analysis without proofs? Either way, I see a lot of people mention problems being on calculus 1 or 2 level. I have finished Analysis 1 and 2 and covered stuff like (series, ODE...
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    Prove that the period of a SHM is 2pi*sqrt(m/k)

    Homework Statement When I was in high school I was thaught that the period of a simple harmonic oscillation (mass on spring, ball on pendulum, etc) was equal to ##T=2\pi \sqrt \frac m k## though they have never explained to me why. That's what I wanted to find out. So for example, let's take a...