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  1. Thomaz

    How to self study physics lab?

    To self study the theoretical part of general physics is as "easy" as going through a textbook, but how could a person self study the experimental part of general physics at home? Any ideas? (Should be easier than to self study chemistry lab hahaha)
  2. Thomaz

    Intro Math Best textbooks for different intro math subjects

    What are the best intro math textbook for these subjects below? The level is for a advanced high school student/ National math Olympics/ or preparation for a difficult College entrance exam like JEE. 1) Sets 2) Functions 3) Logarithm 4) Trigonometry 5) Sequences and Series 6)...
  3. Thomaz

    Other Best search engines?

    What are the best search engines of academic papers in your opinion? as of right now i'm only searching on arXiv :(