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    Tang and other dehydrated food into space

    Why do our space "scientists" send Tang and other dehydrated food into space; to save weight? We take along the water needed to rehydrate the food. Where is the weight savings? In grade school we used to joke about the guy that sent an overcoat to his friend but cut off the buttons to save...
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    Solution to floods and lack of fresh water.

    1. Our solution to floods seems to be locked in on building levees thereby constricting the free flow of water and increasing flooding when they are breached. When I went to school we were taught that seasonal floods enriched the farmland. 2. By drawing more water from the water tables than...
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    Age of the universe.

    When the media report on distant objects and state that the light from that distant object was emitted 10 billion years ago, for example, I wonder where the object is now, and more important, how long did it take the object to arrive at the place where it shined. How is the transit time from...
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    Big Bang Bubble?

    When there is an explosion on earth the void created is quickly filled with earth debris. When we view an exploding star there is no debris (understandable) but there is a large bubble with a void in the middle. Why is the universe NOT shaped like a large bubble with a void since the accepted...