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    Research Topic for Math

    I'm currently an undergraduate student and I'm taking BS Mathematics. We're gonna start our research this semester. I'm kinda interested in researching about Math and Economics so if you know any good sites for papers/articles about this field, feel free to post it here. Thanks guys! :)
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    How to study for these maths

    I'm a college student and I'm taking 12 units of math now. I'm having quite a hard time on some topics so I really want to know how should I study for these math topics. Can you also give some other references that I can use? (like the MIT Courseware, Harvard Online Courses, etc.) Here are the...
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    Comp Sci Python Help in Plotting

    Homework Statement We need to plot a two points (representation of planets). One is stationary and one is supposed to move on a circular orbit. We are using Python, Matplotlib and Numpy. We're not getting a circular orbit. We're just getting a line. Homework Equations a = F / mass1...
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    Finding the volume of these figures

    Homework Statement Find the volume of the described figures 1. A pyramid with height h and base an equilateral triangle with side a (a tetrahedron). 2. Find the volume common to two spheres each with radius r, if the center of each sphere lies on the surface of the other sphere...
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    Actuarial Math

    What other subjects/courses do I need to be a good Actuary? I know that Math is not the only thing I will need in order to be successful in this career. I just want to know what other course/subjects do I need to look on to if I want to be a good Actuary. Thanks! :)
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    Micro-transactions [Research Paper Help]

    Guys, I need your help. I am now doing a research paper for my English class. It is about Micro-transactions. I am trying to prove that Micro-transaction will help solve or lessen piracy. I need your opinions about micro-transaction. What are the benefits you get from it? What is/are...
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    Graphics Problem

    Graphics Problem [Urgent] This shows on my Device Manager. Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19) It's for my GeForce GTS 250. After I installed HP Display Assistant, nothing happened. So I...
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    Range of this function

    f(x) = \frac{1 - x}{\sqrt{5 + 7x - x^{2}}} I know that the range of that function is (-\infty, 0) U (0, +\infty) But how do I get it? I'm having difficulties in isolating x. Can you explain it to me? Thank you. :)
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    Real Life Applications of Circular Motion involving Liquids

    Guys, our thesis defense is near already. It will be this thursday. I just want to know some more real life applications of Circular Motion involving liquids. The experiment we performed was we placed water inside a bucket then we spin it around. (Vertically) Some water spilled but most of the...
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    Acceleration on Lowest and Highest Points (Vertical Circular Motion)

    Homework Statement A boy rides a Ferris wheel with a radius of 10.0m. The wheel completes one turn every 30.0s. Find the boy's acceleration at the lowest and highest points on the circular path. Homework Equations \frac{m(V_{max})^{2}}{r}=T-F_{w} The Attempt at a Solution I...
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    Questions from our Physics Periodical Exam

    First Question: A 0.45 N block is given on initial velocity of 5.3 m/s along a horizontal surface. If the coefficient of friction between the block and the surface is 0.25, how far will the block move before coming to rest? How long will it take the block to stop? Second Question: A hospital...
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    Shaq's contributions to the Cavs?

    Guys, anyone of you still waiting for Shaq to do something much better on his team now or his at his best at this point already?
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    Logarithm Question

    How many integers will satisfy x in the inequality: 1< \log_{3}({\log_{2}{x})}< 2 Note: The log there is not multitplied to the other log. The log there I think is read like this, logarithm of logarithm of x to the base 2 to the base 3. What can be the solution or technique for this...
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    Lattice Points

    In a math contest, the question goes somehow like this: A lattice point is a point wherein the value of (x,y) is an integer. Determine the total number of lattice points in a circle which has a radius of 6 and the its center is at the origin. Any one knows the solution or shortcut for this?
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    Technique in simplifying this (involves square roots)

    \frac{\sqrt{\sqrt{5}+2}+\sqrt{\sqrt{5}-2}}{\sqrt{\sqrt{5}+1}} What technique/method could I use to simplify that one fast? It was asked in a math contest here in our country and the question is only for 20 seconds. The answer is \sqrt{2}. You know any technique for that one guys?
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    Modulo in solving numbers raised to high exponents

    Modular method in solving numbers raised to high exponents Arrange the ff from greatest to least: 2^{110}, 3^{75}, 5^{49} How could I use a modular method to be able to answer that one? I really need it. Hope you could help me.