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    New Use for Derivative

    I'm so sad I read this forum post...
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    Bond strength and PN stress

    Not necessarily. In general, materials with FCC or HCP have a high ionic or metallic character, since they are close packed. That is, since ionic and metallic bonding is isotropic in nature, the atoms don't care as much about relative orientation and just fill space the most efficiently as...
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    Tensile Tests Load-Extension into Stress-Strain

    I know I'm a little late and you don't care about the answer, but someone else may someday. Basically, strain is a dimensionless variable (units of distance/distance). Thus, it doesn't matter how long your sample is, only the ratio of how much the sample elongated (final length - initial length)...
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    Piezo Nanofibers

    I'm still not sure what exactly it is you are trying to do, but if you are trying to synthesize piezoelectric nanofibers, you must understand the mechanism for piezoelectricity. All piezoelectric materials' space group lacks a center of symmetry. So, if you try to synthesize a polycrystalline...
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    Yo mama jokes for physicists

    Yo mama's so fat, her thighs Generate an symmetry operation on a transformation of spacetime that doesn't result in a physical observable... -PR
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    Piezo Nanofibers

    I am not sure what you mean? Ultimately, piezoelectric materials arise from the symmetry of a crystals point group, which is a property of its bonding. A piezoelectric material generates an electric field upon being stressed, or vice-a-versa.
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    Wavelength of photon and size of imaged object

    I agree with HallsofIvy. I think you have it backwards. In fact, I am sure you have heard of electron microscopes and electron beam lithography. These machines exist for this very reason: electrons have a shorter wavelength than light (they give more resolution than optical microscopes and...
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    New To Physics; Question

    This is a great question, and one that I believe deserves more thought than is often given! However, this question is almost impossible to answer. If you have ever been introduced to physics, you have probably been exposed to all sorts of equations and formula which, of course, are all math...
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    Help with Quantum Statistics

    I'm a senior undergrad student and I am going to give a 50 minute lecture on Degenerate Fermi Gases to the Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics class. I was wondering if anybody could help me out with coming up with some interesting stories, factoids, thought experiments, history lessons...
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    Help on Quantum Statistics Topic

    I'm a senior undergrad student and I am going to give a 50 minute lecture on Degenerate Fermi Gases to the Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics class. I was wondering if anybody could help me out with coming up with some interesting stories, factoids, thought experiments, history lessons...
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    Looking for some help: interdisciplinary programs

    I have 1 more year as an undergraduate physics major. I've been looking for programs that are really a mixture of physics and something else (say engineering of medicine, but mostly physics). I've found some really good programs. These programs are titled Applied Science and Medical Engineering...
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    PF really can help you become a physicist

    This is my first post in a while.... to say the least. I joined PF about 6 years ago, and initially tried posting as many times as possible. However, I just came across this post through an email and was astonished on how similar G01s story and feelings are to mine. I was a sophomore in hs when...
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    GPA = owned. Should I worry?

    Yeah, I don't understand how one could do mechanics or the other physics classes without having taken linear algebra and diff. eq.
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    Programs PhD in Physics verifiable?

    If he/she graduated fairly recently, you could try the" [Broken]. Paden Roder
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    Centripetal Force, Tension, Circular Motion

    The ball is not accelerating/moving up or down in the example. Thus, the y-hat component of force must = 0. Thus, the y-hat component of tension must equal mg. Thus, the tension vector must be at some angle up and to the left. You are a little off here. Think about why the ball is not...
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    Need sappy lyrics

    Verse One:I like your little sexy style love the way you gettin wild girl in the club with me girl you need to be in magazines with a crown on your head cause yous a ghetto queen like bling, bling, bling the way you shakin that sexy (ow) body shaped like an hour glass can we spend some...
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    Need sappy lyrics

    Wait, wait, wait, I got it! When you are looking for the highest quality lyrics out there in the rap nation, who else do you turn to...... My man 50 cent piece: Tonight's the night, you can fall in love You can call your mama right now, tell her you met a thug I pop a lot of **** cause I...
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    Need sappy lyrics

    here you go... It's a 7-11 Do you wanna take a walk outside If you want a burrito You can have another bite of mine It could last you forever If you're not waiting for the call Come on over tonight Come on over this morning Momma says, “You only fall in love once.†And you could...
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    Difficulty of learning musical instruments

    IN my experience, once you learn one instrument, it makes it incredibly MORE easy to learn another. That doesn't mean it is easy, just easier. Paden Roder
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    News Energy Policy Initiatives - They Suck

    But then again, what do we stupid physicists know about energy initiatives... Paden Roder
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    Just Checking Up on Everybody [Broken] Paden Roder
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    News Who Killed the Electric Car?

    Thanks Russ! Great analysis! The reason I was on EV World is because I'm going to a Youth Global Leader Summit in Omaha, Nebraska entitled" [Broken] and one of the keynote speakers is going to be Bill Moore (Publisher and Editor of EV World). Paden...
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    PF Photo Contest - You're So Cold, You're So Cold! (8/9-8/15)

    From the green tint in the picture, it looks like the sheep + llama came straight out of the Matrix...:surprised It does exist... Paden Roder
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    Disqualified in the photo contest

    A is for Assassin at Athletic Event... [Broken] :eek: Paden Roder
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    Disqualified in the photo contest

    I always forget that you have to take the picture. One of my friend's mom gave this one to me. A is for Athleticism [Broken] (I'm the pitcher) Paden Roder Actually, after looking at it, I could have also submitted this to this...
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    News Who Killed the Electric Car?" [Broken]seems to think that electric is the way to go (over hydrogen) for automobiles. It is more geared toward CO2 emissions. I am interested in what you all think of this! Paden Roder WARNING: The site I have hyperlinked is a...
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    Need that site ?

    I really don't know. The only site I can think of that helps students is Kaplan. Maybe??? Paden Roder
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    What is your favorite magazine?

    SciAm and Musician's Friend (More of a catalogue really). Paden Roder
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    FINAL VOTE - What's New Pussycat?

    I voted for scorpa because that kitty is so darn cute... However, I have to say I can't get enough of Integral's picture. :rofl: Every time I look at that picture I just die laughing. The dog looks so upbeat and happy and the cat looks like it was forced out of its chair while in the...
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    Study Tips and Tricks

    I actually take notes on my convertable laptop PC (" [Broken], to be exact). I use OneNote to take all of my notes (if the lecture gets going too fast, I just tap on the voice recorder and it gets placed right into my...