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    HUMAN LIFE:Who has the final Word?

    Human Life is Purportedly Pricelss! When should life supporting machines be turned off? What are the actual deciding factors for turning off life supporting machines? Who decides when to be born? Ultimately, who decides who lives and who dies.........who has the final word??
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    Can Morality be taught?

    The question as to whether morality can be taught is as old as anyone is prepared to go back in time. Infact, Socrates in some of Plato's Dialogues is often quoted as the first philosopher to conduct a clinical examination of this question. This question is now becoming very important as our...
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    Is a Logically Perfect Language Possible?

    Is it possible to construct a Logically Perfect Language? If so, of what value is such a language?
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    Should Prisons be turned into Schools, Factories, >

    Should Prisons be turned into Schools, Factories,......> It is more than well overdue for the PRISON to change its PURPOSE and DIRECTION. What should that be? Should prisons the world over be turned into Schools, universities, factories, hospitals, etc.? Why?
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    Philocrat's theory of time

    THE STANDARD UNIVERSAL NOW (SUN): A Philosophical Analysis of Time (PART I) I have always suspected that the scepticism about the reality of time and its perceived dimensions (past, present and future) has something to do with the way we are physically designed and configured. This problem...
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    Are ALL Moral Utterances reducible to Scientific Statements?

    Moral statements are often thought of as having nothing to do with science. As such, they have always been thought of as having something to do only with religion, customs and rules of the society. How true or realistic are these claims? Is there any way in which moral statements or utterances...
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    Can Everything be Reduced to Pure Physics?

    How true is the claim that everything in the whole universe can be explained by Physics and Physics alone? How realistic is this claim? Does our ability to mathematically describe physical things in spacetime give us sufficient grounds to admit or hold this claim? Or is there more to physical...