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    Green tea

    dunno..naver heard before
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    Are there any animals that could transform or morph?

    You mean from a bat to human? Well, that's not quite possible as far as my knowledge is concerned. :wink:
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    Neutron star

    That helped alot...thanx :smile:
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    Neutron star

    What are they? :confused:
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    Where did king john go

    And what if it's a ''she''? :wink:
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    Science Jokes

    A supervisor visited an 8th grade class...he wrote the word electricity on the board and asked a student to define it. Student:electrikity is the flow of electrons in a circuit. Supervisor:it's not''electrikity'' it's electricity Student:that's what i'm saying sir,my dad...
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    MOMENTUM and IMPULSE sample problems and solutions

    Check out the following links: [Broken] Hope...