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    Will this circuit work?

    Greetings, Currently, I'm designing a project to sort objects using AT89C52 as the "brain" and TCS230 as the "eye". And so, it is neccessary for me to connect the AT89C52 with the TCS230 colour sensor and stepper motors. And before doing the real thing, i must know the frequency range of the...
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    Help me with I/O Please

    I'm doing a project of sorting objects, and this is the first time i'm working with microcontrollers. I am using AT89C52 microcontrollers. i just couldn't understand these statements in the datasheets. "When 1s are written to Port 2 pins they are pulled high by the internal pullups and can be...
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    About Lightning

    When i was learning electronic stuff on the site, i found this... perhaps somebody could help the webmaster. i've got no idea.
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    Need reference

    hello... I'am Fandi from Indonesia. Because the lack of books and the economy crisis present in Indonesia, I encountered problem in finding good reference. can anybody tell me how generators supply electricity to houses??? is there any online references??? Thanks before. :smile:
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    Need a basic help

    need a "basic" help this may be a silly question... but, i really need this, because a basic is the stairway to the advanced of course. i thought that this forum may provide more help than i could get in my college. please tell me... how do we find an answer of "sin(theta)" without an...