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    Infinity and mathematical phyisics

    Chalnoth, The 'measure problem' you mention interests me. It seems, as I first entertain this thought, that whether or not we can make a probability comparison this does not bare on the question of whether the universe is finite or infinte. It would specifically rule out that particular kind...
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    How can the Universe be infinite and there be an infinite number of Universes?

    I will first frame my response by acknowledging that I am aware that philosophical speculation is somewhat frowned upon here. I come here mostly just to browse and better aquaint myself with the thinking shared by the more hard science minded. I think the 'stick to real science' policy serves...
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    Philosophy forum

    There are sites like and I haven't visited either in years, but one is very much like this place ad lead me here.
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    Is there the possibility of absolute time

    That's been a concern that's left me waffling some and still trying to sort this out for my self. Where i'm at in my thinking is that we cannot conceive of time as absolute in as much as we are unable to actually conceive (in the sense of 'grasp') of reality as actual infinity. We can model it...
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    Is there the possibility of absolute time

    I've been wondering about t/s reference frameworks in an absolute sense on a trans universe scale. We speak of time as relational and relativistic in terms of there being a beginning to time with the beginning of the bb expansion of 'our universe'. Our universe is thought to have had an intitial...
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    How many of you are full time workers and students?

    It took me twelve years to get through an undergraduate in history and then a masters in library science [i know... not a 'real' science]. I studied on and off full time or part time, went through two marriages, got distracted a lot being a single dad, finally hooked up with a supportive...
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    Why exacly 11 dimensions?

    I see that this thread has lain dormant for about three years now, but i'm chipping in with my small change on this because it seems to end right about where my thoughts have been wandering lately. If a moderator prefers to turn this into a new thread, that's ok by me. Fallaciousmiles...
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    Philosophical Poems

    yesterday upon the stair i met a man who wasn't there he wasn't there again today i wish i wish he'd go away I'm not sure if i got that just right, and i don't know off hand who penned it, but it's just a tidbit that's been stuck in my head since before whenever. Its sort'v...
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    Speculate about the biggest question there is

    Sorry if i confused anyone beyond their usual confusion comfort level. I only read the last two posts before chipping in with my thots. Now that i've read the whole thread i'm ready to weigh in on the big question: Socks? I once named a kitten Socks because it had a special talent for...
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    Speculate about the biggest question there is

    I can't argue much with speculating in either of those directions. They're both fundamental to any more fulfilling experience of living. When it comes right down to the nitty gritty of what drives most of us here where science (that many faceted sub set of philosophy) reigns, i think we've...
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    Atheism meant the belief of no god

    impractical definition