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    Concepts of Value

    In the contemplation of values we must distinguish between that which is value in our being and that which HAS value. I ask - what is the difference? ---------------------------------- The difference by my theory is: Value can never be static; meaning that experience adds to...
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    Take Home Message

    A professional Biologist assigned the responsibility of making closing remarks at a recent conservation conference reviewed the important issues discussed throughout the conference and insights into the future direction of research and left us with this take home message: ..... as he noticed...
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    Science & All Things Not Physical

    This is from White Wolf: The control plan was to protect humanity from the side-effects of their own superstitions, from the chaos and destruction posed by dragons and whatnot roaming free. The age of reason, the triumph of science and technology and the industrial revolution were all...
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    Smoking good for brain enhancement

    Some years earlier I read a book about brain enhancment, and of the many substances tested, it seemed that intake of nicotine had been the only one that actually IMPROVED test scores. Caffiene, one of the other substances tested, was not useful in this respect nor were many of the things...
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    Children & Treatment for ADD/ADHD

    In Neurotherapy individuals are trained through the use of computerized biofeedback equipment to change their brainwave activity. Do you feel it is less intrusive to use this therapy on children rather than the drugs they now administer ? It is scary these days that a school teacher can...