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    Two limited integration questions

    Peace! I want to know the conditions that must be satisfied by a function f(x) for any of the following two cases to be true (each case independent from the other); 1- \int^a_{-a} f(x) dx = 2 \int^a_0 f(x) dx 2- \int^a_0 f(x) dx = \int^0_a f(x) dx They gave me confusion when...
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    Problems with attached pics!

    Peace! I have a problem when attaching pics to my messages. I can't know about the pixel size of my attached file. How can I know it? And how can I reduce it if it is larger than the limit? hhegab PS. I am not sure if this is the correct place of my post, so please forgive me if it is...
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    Electric force

    Peace! I am supposed to find the electric force acting on the right rod due to the rod on the left. each is of length 2a and b > 2a. Each rod carries a charge +Q. I have difficulty in finding the integration, especially its limits. hhegab
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    Hi, I am Here again

    Hi, I have been a memeber of this forum for sometime and I was not that acive , :zzz: forgive me. I had lots of work and studies to do. I am back with many questions and hope to be as active as I should be :!!) I am happy to see myself here again :biggrin:
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    A wave in two different strings

    A string has two parts: one with a very high mass density (per unit length), and the other with a very low mass density. A wave with amplitude A moves from the dense part toward the light part. What will be the amplitude of the wave which is transmitted to the light part? hhegab
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    I can't do these diff. eqns.

    Hi, I have been trying to solve the following differential equations I was stuck with them. I will appreciate any help from you; 1- 3 y' +3x/y =2(xy)^4 I have tried Bernoulli but I could not get a standard form. 2- x' -2 x y = y exp (-3y^2)[x exp(-y^2)+ 3(x exp(-y^2))^2] I have tried here...
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    The left bank of the river!

    Hi all, I have the following problem which I have tried to solve for a very long time, very very long time indeed- 2 or more years. I am studying here all by myself and I got no one to help me. I shall not participate in any talk. I have had enough with it. this problem is in the Schaum's...
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    Mathematica Mathematica on Linux

    Hi all, My question is, Does any one here have a mathematica 4.0 or 4.1 on a linux box? (RedHat of Mandrake?) I am facing a font problem and I thought I might have solutione here. hhegab
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    Ordenary differential equation

    Hi, I have the following ODE, which I could not solve, (7x^3+3x^2y+4y)dx+(4x^3+x+5y)dy=0. I have tried to use the integration factor technique, but I could not find one. It can be put in the form: M dx +N dy=0, where M=7x^3+3x^2y+4y, and N=4x^3+x+5y. Can you help me? And How can it be done...
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    Fundamentals of physics book solutions

    Hi Well, I am doing all the study of physics here by myself. I have The fundamentals of physics book, but all I need is the solutions to its problems. I have tried to search for such solutions but I could not find any, do you think you can help me in finding some of the solutions? hhegab
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    I am from Egypt

    hi, how are you all? I am new to this forum, and I can't tell you how much delighted I am to be here with you. I can't express my joy and happiness to see this forum. I loved it since the time I saw it- even before reading anything. Thank you veru much for making my dream come true, to see a...