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    Photoelectric mass attenuation coefficient data

    Homework Statement I see graphs for the total mass attenuation coefficient such as this all over the web: However, I can't find data on the individual attenuation coefficients such as the photoelectric or Compton...
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    Photon intensity attenuation

    I am researching how photon intensity attenuates within matter and am a bit confused by what I have come across. Several sources state that the attenuation of photon intensity within matter is exponential (as a function of depth). The explanation is that photon interactions with electrons in...
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    What is a differential cross section?

    In particle physics, what is a differential cross section? I think I understand what a cross section is, but I can't find any information on what a differential cross section is. I don't see how a cross section could be differentiated.
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    Electromagnetic Attenuation Conceptual Question

    Hello, Why does electromagnetic wave intensity attenuate exponentially with depth from its incident intensity in an object? Why is the relationship exponential? I just need a nudge in the right direction or more if you are willing. Thank you for any help!
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    During electron ionisation, how does an electron beam transfer energy to a molecule?

    In electron ionisation, how does the electron beam transfer energy to the molecule being ionised? Is it via the interaction of the electric fields of the electrons in the molecule and the beam? If so, what type of interaction? And why is ionisation efficiency of the beam maximised when the...
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    Eddy current power loss

    I have an experiment in which I have two solenoids where one induces an EMF in the other. I then introduce copper plates between the two coils and measure the decrease in induced EMF in the second solenoid. How could I calculate the power loss due to eddy currents induced in one of the copper...
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    Generalise the magnetic field of multiple current loops

    Homework Statement Determine an equation to calculate the flux density at the center of a range of current loops encircling each other. Homework Equations The equation for the magnetic flux density at the center of a current loop is mu*I / (2*r) The Attempt at a Solution I...
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    Investigating magnetic field intensity of eddy currents

    How would I calculate the magnetic flux density of the magnetic field generated by eddy currents induced in a circular plate? I decided it would be reasonable to approximate this by considering the flux density of a current loop. However, it is my understanding that eddy currents are induced...
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    How to calculate power loss due to eddy currents

    Homework Statement What equation do i use to calculate the power loss due to eddy currents? I can't find an equation anywhere online.
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    How to calculate power loss due to eddy current formation?

    Homework Statement I am investigating the penetration depth of eddy currents within a copper slab. A solenoid is being used to induce the eddy currents within the copper. As a result of the experimental design, I need to calculate the power loss due to the eddy currents and I can't find any...
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    Biochemistry: Why does a high pH kill/inhibit yeast function?

    I am conducting a wine analysis experiment for my undergraduate biochemistry course and am a bit stuck on the influence of pH on yeast function. Why does a high H(+) concentration kill the yeast or inhibit its growth/metabolisation of the glucose? I am guessing that the hydrogen ions somehow...
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    What causes pH to decrease during fermentation?

    I was making some wine recently for my undergraduate biochemistry course and i have to explain why the pH of the wine decreased during fermentation. I am genuinely at a loss; what is responsible for this decrease in pH?
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    Why do magnetic fields decay exponentially with depth in a conductor?

    Homework Statement I am a HS student researching the penetration depths of magnetic fields in conductors. Specifially, I am investigating the exponential decay of eddy currents induced within a conductor in the presence of a rapidly changing magnetic field. I am a bit confused as to why the...
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    On-axis field degradation of solenoid

    Homework Statement I have to calculate the induced current in a coil a known distance from a solenoid (the secondary coil is on the axis of the solenoid). As the magnetic flux from the solenoid weakens with distance, I have applied biort-savart law to determine the stength of the magnetic...