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  1. Opressor

    A What is a differentiable variety?

    In mathematics, variety is a generalization of the surface idea. There are several types of varieties, according to the properties they possess. The most usual are the topological varieties and the differentiable varieties. but I still do not know what it is!
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    How to solve this equation

    Homework Statement A body falling under the action of the drag force of the air -βvn n ∈ ℤ m= mass v= velocity g= 9,8m/s2 β= coefficient of air resistance Homework Equations m(dv/dt)= mg-βvn The Attempt at a Solution I can not resolve to any integer (n)
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    I Inertial reference

    Can light photons be considered as a privileged inertial frame?
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    B How to solve this equation?

    m (dv / dt) = mg-bvn