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    Engineering Transition to Different Engineering Discipline?

    Does anyone have any advice on transferring to a different engineering discipline? I currently have a BS/MS in nuclear engineering and I'm really growing to dislike it after a little more than 2 years in the workforce. How feasible is it to transition into another field such as electrical or...
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    Contemporary issues in crit safety?

    After a brief venture over into the medical/RHP side of things, I find myself drawn back into nuclear engineering. Glad it happened before I got too deep into something else! Ive just started working on my MS, and Im trying to find some sort of direction for myself. Anyways, one subset of...
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    MCNP Phantom Templates?

    Does anyone know if there are templates for things such as the ICRP 23 reference man (70kg)? Im trying to create one for a little side project Im doing (calculating the photon dose my friend gets from sleeping next to his cat that has been treated with I-131). Im trying to create the phantom...
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    Engineering and hands on work? (nuclear)

    Im a little over a month away from my BS in nuclear engineering and have been accepted into grad school. Im not sure Im all that thrilled with it right now though. When I started studying NE, I pictured myself working in a big nuclear facility, being amongst the equipment, working in hotcells...
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    First students through a new program?

    Our university is in the process of creating a new graduate program (MS/PhD), and it is in the final stages of approval. They expect everything to be finalized in the next couple of months, and will begin accepting students in July for fall 2007. For the first few years class size will be capped...
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    Kilograms and Slugs

    Ok heres an easy one for you. we start with F=ma SI --> newtons=kilograms*gravity English --> pounds=slugs*gravity So now why if you weigh yourself on an english scale it is in pounds, but if you stand on a metric scale it is in kilograms? Ive solved plenty of F=ma problems...
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    NE Grad Studies Opinion

    I would like some opinions/advice regarding grad school. I have just been accepted into the grad program, and Im trying to figure out what would be a useful directon to take my studies. Since Id be doing my MS at the same school I earned my BS, I will not have to repeat all those 400/500 split...
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    How does one acquire isotopically pure elements?

    How would one acquire an isotopically pure sample of an element? Are some available for direct purchase, or would it have to be done in-house with some sort of large centrifuge apparatus? (Im thinking about transition metals, not actinides)
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    Specific Activity

    Does anyone know how to calculate the specific activity [Ci/g] for radionuclides from halflife times? (using to calculate activity, sources are encapsulated and cannot be opened) Or, does anyone know of somewhere on the net the actual numerical values for each nuclide are? Neither my...
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    Depleted Uranium vs tungsten

    So one of the big advantages to using depleted uranium (DU) rather than tungsten in anti-tank rounds is because a DU projectile will self sharpen upon impact whereas a tungsten projectile will flatten or "pancake". What is it about DU that...
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    Mössbauer Effect

    Hello I’m currently reading up on Mössbauer spectroscopy. Now I understand that you can have a low energy gamma emission become absorbed in an atom of the same radionuclide due to resonance (either from a recoilless event or oscillating a source/absorber). While I don’t need to know the...
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    Folded Steel?

    From a materials science perspective, what is the point to folded steel? How does the folding process affect the properties of the metal? The place I see this extensively is in Japanese swords, such as Katanas. They will say "hand folded X times" with X usually being anywhere from 150-750, with...
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    Containment Dome Specs?

    Does anyone know where I can find some info on (U.S.) containment dome specs? We are studying a petition to ammend 10 CFR 73, and I am trying to make the point that a containment dome can withstand a 16 psig overpressure. After several hours of searching (including, I could only find...
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    Nuclear Engineering - Grad School R.O.I.?

    I'm hoping some of you have some good advice for me here. I’m currently working on year 4 of 5 towards a degree in nuclear engineering, and I am starting to think about grad school, GREs, etc. Do you feel that grad school would provide me with a good return on investment? Before any of you say...
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    Nuclear Engineers - Stuck Working in Desolate Areas?

    Hello I’m currently working on a nuclear engineering major with a minor in business administration. I absolutely love what I am learning about. There is nothing more I'd rather be doing; I’ve been passionate about nuclear energy from a young age. That being said, I’m a little stressed about...