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    Why do they lie about death?

    To understand death I think you must understand life. If your life has no meaning and the chances are your death has no meaning. If you life has meaning then perhaps your death has meaning also. That is what I find so beautiful about life and death. There are two answers that make most...
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    What is lying?

    "I don't think truthful yet missleading statements are lyes." - Jamez spoken like a true lawyer. :)
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    Sophies choice, an ethical dilemma

    I'd attemt to do something about it dispite the guns pointing at me. Rather I try and fight back and we all die then choose which child to die.
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    Why do they lie about death?

    Death is beautiful isn't it?
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    There is no life after death (and no hell)

    I often wonder why people wonder.
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    A limit to God's power?

    Can god just lower the gravity to like zero?
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    Seriously Folks

    The meaning is to exist. Every other meaning we make is just secondary.
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    Are we ever in the present time?

    Time does not exist. There is no beginning and there is no end. I came to the conclusion that time can not exist. After the "big bang" should i say or the "beginning" What happend? we do not know for certian. But look at "now" Do we create anything? no! all we do is convert. So since...
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    There is no life after death (and no hell)

    Or perhaps not to question at all? If the existance of god is so questionable then why not realize that the "truths" of religion are just as questionable sense religion is based on god/gods.
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    Pleasure & Pain dynamics

    Pleasure and Pain are equally important to our survival. Without pain we would not aviod dangerous things that can really harm us and animals that will attack us. Mental pains are the same, It helps us identify who to trust and who not to trust. Altough some people may take pains differnt than...
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    A limit to God's power?

    I am sure God doesn't exist. But I also believe that God will exist.
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    Measuring beauty

    There are many differnt kinds of beauty. A friend once told me beauty exist for our survival. So i thought more on that and agreed. What we see as beautiful will most likly be preserved and treasured. Like gold, diamonds, roses, cats, dogs, nature, babies of all types of animals and humans...
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    A limit to God's power?

    I think that there is finite matter in this universe but the matter itself is infinite in age.
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    Squirrel & Bulldog: Conscious?

    Perhaps the dog isn't enjoying the ride but the reward. Ever see the movie "Big Fish". If so remember when the main actor gets beaten up and the girl stops the fight and says "he is a stranger to me and i already prefer him to you" or something along those words. While getting beaten up he is...
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    Why do you laugh in my general direction?

    I can laugh at just about anything if i decide it's funny.
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    Philosophers and personality types

    Just took the test. I am INTP.
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    Do mankind deserves existence?

    if it exist it deserves to exist.
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    Free will?

    I don't have "free will" and my death is predeterimed. But i am freely willing to reach my goals before that happens. :biggrin:
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    Purpose of Life

    people can have Buddhist views without even hearing of the Buddhist. I know i have. After someone told me that my views are similar to the views of the Buddhist i had to understand Buddhism and i bought a few books of thier philosphy and views of life.
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    Purpose of Life

    That's the exact same question that has boggled my mind when i was in my teens. I've even read about 10 different self-help books to help me find more meaning. They have helped me learn about myself but meaning i had to seek on my own and so must you. No one can tell someone what meaning is...
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    Why Do You Live In Boxes?

    Spoiled brat! (joke joke joke) hehe. No ones box is better then the others. All boxes are the same, some just see more inside the box. Life is how you take the crap that has been thrown at you. You can take it as hostility and get angery. You can get offended and hurt or you can thank the...
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    Why Do You Live In Boxes?

    Good thing my computer can see outside the box though. Otherwise i would feel stuck. But truthfully your only stuck if you say so. Your only in a box when you realize and admit that there could be more for you but you do not seek it. I've felt i opened the lids of my box and slowly climbing...
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    Suicide wrong?

    It's a choice. A very hard choice when you let life taken you to that point also. It is not an easy choice. It's just less hard then the choice of making things right. What is required to make things right? Confronting those who you love or those who aren't helping you enjoy life. But one...
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    On a lighter note

    :grumpy: leave things as they are. I'm sure if i was omnipotent i would realize that everything is fine the way it is. But I'm not omnipotent so I'll stick with my views. lol
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    Ways to die

    i think i will die someday.
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    On a lighter note

    sorry, now smile and just forget my last post my friend. Like so.....
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    On a lighter note

    :yuck: :eek: :biggrin: :wink: :rofl: :frown: :cry: :zzz: :mad: :uhh: :surprise: :redface: :devil: :grumpy: :rolleyes: :approve: :smile: :confused: :shy: :tongue2:
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    Losing | wining | learning | pride

    when you lose you win.
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    Nicholas Berg video

    Well my views seeing Iraqis as the people being bullied by Americans. But the Iraqis can only be victims for so long until they get pushed over the edge and resort to picking on even smaller people with sick outcomes. Iraqis could have handle things much less brutally and would make the...
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    Nicholas Berg video

    I watch it and I wish I hadn't. But your views do change when you watch it. I think thats what he means.