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    Help me find the ideal physics book for self-study!

    Please consider Physics by Halliday Resnick Krane as well. It's much pithier than the rest, meaning to say, it teaches you much more with lesser text, imo. University Physics is good, but sometimes tends to talk a lot of crap.
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    Suggest a book for problem solving

    Irodov comes to mind.
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    References or aids in learning QM?

    Hi, I am currently working through Griffith's textbook on quantum mechanics. I was just wondering if there are any animations or videos that work along with griffiths and clarify certain concepts. Thanks.
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    Could anyone recommend me a book

    You might be fine with any normal undergraduate textbook like University Physics by Young&Freedman, Physics by Halliday Resnick and Krane, Physics for Scientists and Engineers by Serway yadayada. If you want something more advanced, Purcell isn't bad.
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    Electricity and magnetism HELP

    Halliday Resnick, and Halliday Resnick Krane are good. I don't really like Halliday Resnick Walker.
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    Schools Considering French universities/Grande Ecoles

    Never been to an ecole myself, but there was someone representing the ecoles at my school. You have to go through a 2 year training program or something, in French. And if you don't know French they teach it to you concurrently. At the end of the 2 years, you have to take a test and your...
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    Is Berkley as competitive to get into as Yale or UCLA

    I have talked to an admissions officer in Berkeley. He told me that the easiest way to get into berkeley is attend a small college around the area and apply for a transfer later on.
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    Seeking recommendation for rigorous general chemistry textbook

    Chemistry: The Central Science by Brown, LeMay and Bursten:
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    QM book for the GENERAL public

    The first book I read on this was In search of Schrodinger's Cat by John Gribbin. Good Read.
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    Schools Accelerated, rigorous courses for college credit

    Please check the links properly before you comment. They are all online courses. And yes, some of the courses there are mathematically rigorous. Edit: If you...
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    Schools Accelerated, rigorous courses for college credit

    I think EPGY, UIUC Netmath or JHU CTY would work:
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    Trying to self study Linear Algebra

    What I mean is that I would not want to learn it the way Hoffman and Kunze approaches it. The exercises include proofs, etc and only look at the pure math side of it. Something like Shores would show the graphical meaning of it all and includes examples with applications. I don't think I'm...
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    Trying to self study Linear Algebra

    Thanks for the replies you guys. I think I am not really interested in learning Linear Algebra in such a way. I am more interested in it's applications. Now, what do you recommend?
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    Replacement for Campbell's Biology

    I think I have the same problem with Campbell. However, when I really get myself to read it, it is interesting, but time consuming. Once it gets time consuming it turns you off. I have seen people use the book and like it. It has been...
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    Trying to self study Linear Algebra

    Thanks for the comment. I'll consider Anton. Any other inputs are appreciated.
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    Trying to self study Linear Algebra

    I was trying to self study Linear Algebra and I had a copy of Hoffman and Kunze. I found it a bit dry. I searched for some alternatives and I like these: 1) Applied Linear Algebra and Matrix Analysis - Thomas S. Shores (Springer Undergrad math series)...
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    Physics for Scientists and Engineers by Serway/Jewett

    Its written on the first page of each chapter with problems. The color code is: black for straightforward, blue for intermediate and pink for challenging.
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    Engineering Mechanical vs. Civil engineering

    My father is working as a mechanical engineer for one of the supermajor oil companies. If you're 40something and you're still doing mathematical analysis behind a desk, chances are that you haven't progressed a lot wherever you work. Usually you'll go up to manage people more than numbers...
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    Good trig books?

    I've heard good things about the following:
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    Help in study habits in Math

    I second this.
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    Why do you want to be a theoretical physist?

    It depends. "Boring" can mean different things to different people.
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    Testing How to get old AP Physics C exams?

    MCQs are usually hard to find as collegeboard refuses to release them. You can find the recent FRQs on the college board website:
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    Recommend a Vector Calculus book

    I used Vector Calculus by Paul C. Matthews. It's nice and quick but it doesn't cover some things a standard Calc III book will cover but it also covers topics such as cartesian tensors and the divergence theorems etc. In all it's quite a good book.
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    Seeking advice on textbooks.

    I would recommend Halliday Resnick Krane over Halliday Resnick Walker. But that's just me.
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    Absolute maxima

    A maximum would occur if the derivative exists and changes sign from positive to negative at a certain point. A minimum would occur if the derivative exists and changes sign from negative to positive at a certain point. This means the derivative must pass through zero to change the sign...
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    Differentiate (4sinx)(cosy)=1

    When you differentiate cos y, you get -siny. I just brought the negative sign out.
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    Implicit differentiation on x^3 + y^3 = 4xy + 1

    Yes you are right. Now, solve for Y and sub in the coordinates.
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    Absolute maxima

    Okay, what will the derivative be at a maximum point?
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    Differentiate (4sinx)(cosy)=1

    Differentiating (4sinx)(cosy)=1 w.r.t. x: 4cos(x)cos(y)-4sin(x)sin(y)*dy/dx = 0 since the derivative of 1 is a constant. is what you'll get, not whatever you wrote. you differentiate the whole function first, then multiply it with the derivative of the function inside. Now, just solve for...