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    MSN Messenger -> SMS

    Ok need to have a notification on my mobile phone via SMS when one of my msn messenger contacts initiates a chat session. Looked into hardware solution to expensive, looked into programming my own API to time consuming. Is there like a web service you can pay to do this. Very very extremely...
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    Frozen wasps

    I heard if you put a wasp quickly in a freezer then thaw it some time later, it comes bacl to life. I am guessing the wasp would on average live as long as it would if it had not been frozen?
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    News Geneva convention

    Watched a disturbing report on bbc of a us soldier killing a seriously wounded person (through a window) in a room with no escape thought to be an insurgent in Fallujah, it was very cold hearted/cowardly and sickening . Surley this must violate the geneva convention. This must have been...
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    Morse code ic

    Is there such a thing as a morse code ic timer chip or is the only way cascading 555's or something complicated like that. Eproms and machine code is ok if thats what it takes if its cheap and easy for my pc. Only need maybe 3/4 pulses timed. EDIT: want to modify my intercom into a system...
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    Nsa ufo report

    A report titled: Exploitation Report - A Fragment, Metal Recovered in the Republic of the Congo ( in the NSA UFO archives looks interesting, unfortuantly the report is of such poor quality its unreadable. Anybody got any other information sources on this ?
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    News Iraq Depleted Uranium

    The more I learn about this stuff the worse it seems can it really be called a weapon of mass destruction should the 'coalition' in iraq be prosecuted for war crimes. Biased information but it gets the point across...
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    Podkletnov Resurfaces

    Pure specualtion but NASA did spend alot of money trying to replicate his alleged experiments (and failed). I would undstand if this post is deleted but thought it important to mention it. I think it shows more about his credability about doping an interview with this website more than anything...
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    Trying to learn electronics

    I am trying learn (re-learn in most cases) basic electronics I have found this piece of obscure software called Edison (same company also make a program called Tina) and need more .prb (problem) files to learn much more from it. Are these free, does anybody know where I can get any from.
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    Car keyring

    Ok, I saw this guy trying to unlock his car with his radio controlled keyring with no luck, he put the device next to his head and it worked. The keyring was the same distance to the car in both cases give or take 1/4 meter. Would the same happen if you put the keyring next to a conductive metal...
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    Sceptisim & debunking forum very polictical

    Sceptisim & debunking forum not really debunking new curttting edge scientific theorys/phemonomen, rather a very policitized right wing trash talk from a social minority. Bring back some sort of science or logical reasoning please if possible.
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    Belfast UFO

    Altough only 2 wi9tnesses wtf seems to dtrike some osrt oftruth but then again highly statistaclly insignaiianct ooh well here it is: [Broken] Makes me alittle sceptival already!
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    US Senate and the moonies

    What do you think from this limited information I found do you think it is true? Edit: Are any of them Congressmen that you recognize involved in this bizarre cult neo-nazi activity?
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    News US Senate and the moonies

    Has america gone completely bonkers? [Broken] [Broken]
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    Hard drive failure

    Sometimes my electricity cuts out completely when I am running win2k pro (pesky coin meter) do you think this could damage a harddrive attached to my system, I have had one master boot go down on me already?
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    Mars Fossils

    This person has come up with a very good case for fossils on mars, well at least it's got me convinced. What do you think? [Broken]
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    Psychotronic device

    Found an interesting link about a supposed kind of mind control device called the LIDA machine, anybody know if this is for real or if there is anymore information about it. see: EDIT: I seem to remember richard dawkins being subjected to some sort of (electric...
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    Electroscope question

    Ok, this is not really homework so maybe it needs to be moved some where else. Made a basic electroscope out of a wine bottle a while ago, charged up a ballon brought it close to the end of the scope and the leaves seperated as expected, but when I quickly moved the ballon away from the scope...
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    Electric Shock

    If a very large amount of power was grounded say in house and all the taps for example were connected to the same circuit would somebody touching a tap get any sort of eletric shock. I have heard that some peoples TVs etc explode when their house gets hit by lightening even though they have...
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    Wireless Internet Connection

    I had an idea the other day that if I could set up a wireless connection from my laptop to my pc which is connected to the internet via cable I could work on my laptop down the road (in a pub or park depending on the weather) I guess it would involve some protocol like bluetooth has anybody done...
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    Headphone socket

    I have a TV which I want to attach a headphone socket.I am guessing that I need the signal going into the speaker but need to match the speakers impedance (capacitive inductance?) with the headphones maybe I should put somesort of a coil not a resister in series with the phones.Is this a simple...
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    A Very British UFO Hoax

    Im suprised nobody has brought this one up yet, it just goes to show how easy it is to fool people into thinking they saw a saucer from outer space. Admittedly I would have been a bit freaked out if I saw it. [Broken]
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    Why electric charge is attracted to the earth (ground) ?

    Anybody know why electric charge is attracted to the earth (ground) ?
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    Earth Zero Net Charge ?

    My physics book says that the earth has a net charge of zero. How is this possible with all those particles coming in from the sun etc, I would of thought it would accumulate a charge somehow.
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    Particle Moving In A Circle

    If a charged particle experiences a force in a magnetic field would it be possible to introduce a charged particle into an magnetic field and keep it spinning around in circles indefinately whether its in a vacuum or not.
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    Deaf people being able to hear via a neurophone

    I read something about deaf people being able to hear via a neurophone, a device that uses an electric field (electromagnetic?) that enables the deaf subject to hear inside their head. This would be very easy to prove to a point if it works or not. Was wondering if anybody knows of any...
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    Hardest working place on the planet

    Is this really true, maybe in NY but not as a whole, anybody got any goverment figures on this? Maybe we can find the most lazy place on the planet, then im emigrating :)
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    Mk Ultra

    Ok somebody was bound to post a thread on this so what the hell, anybody got any interesting links or insights into this ?
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    Worms biology

    Here is a strange question :/ Worms wriggle up to the grounds surface when it is raining how do they know this or even what direction to go in?
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    Quick tutorial on ASP.NET using C#

    Just gave myself a quick tutorial on ASP.NET using C# and well damn its nice. PHP has been the programming language I have used for a few years to do web stuff and was wondering is this the time to switch to .NET or maybe its best to wait a year or two (before it blows everything away into...
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    Floating Frog

    I wonder if you could scale this experiment up with a human it could be fun, mind you im not convinced that the pioneering little frog was alive for very long, if you watch the movie it also seems that only one side of its body works but maybe its just confused or enjoying itself :/ see...