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    Potential difference across capacitors

    Hi could you re-attach the circuit drawing ? It is not displaying on my iPhone
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    Projectile Motion: time it takes for projectile to hit truck

    Ok back to the figure the y axis is the height of the projectile and truck relative to ground respectively. The x axis is the horizontal distance covered by the projectile and truck. I don’t see an indicator for tallness but the the point “p” is an arbitrary height as shown on the diagram...
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    Projectile Motion: time it takes for projectile to hit truck

    Hi but it looks like one of two curves is parabolic (concave down) and there would be an eventual point of intersection. I don’t see how both equations are linear because one the two equations has a degree greater than 1. If the lines were straight and at different slopes they may or may not...
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    Projectile Motion: time it takes for projectile to hit truck

    Hi what about approaching the solution graphically. The truck can be represented by a straight line and the projectile follows a curved one. A point of intersection would represent the time of impact
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    Finding the internal resistance of battery

    Thank you for pointing that out. I will look more closely at how the question is being asked in the future. It’s been a while since I have been in college
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    Finding the internal resistance of battery

    Hi I would hope the multimeter has a much greater internal resistance in the voltage measurement mode than 1K. At a 1K internal resistance the meter would likely load the circuit down and give you a false reading. My fluke 87v has a 10 Mega ohm internal resistance. It does not load down most...
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    C/++/# Typically where are preconditions checked for methods?

    There is a differentiation between a business rule and the stability of data presented to the business rule. Please clarify your situation that is causing difficulty in checking input variables in the method. I have not run into that. My variables are either database defined or ones that I...
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    C/++/# Typically where are preconditions checked for methods?

    There are many approaches to handling requirements with methods. In general a method performs a business rule or requirement. Some people like to test the variables before passing them into the method others will do the validation in method. These decisions are (should) be decided during the...
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    Ways to Spin a Flywheel using linear motion

    I used a pressurized water hose to spin a wheel once when I was a kid to study the friction of the bearings on the wheel
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    I Binary puzzle

    How about taking each group of 8 bits and convert each byte to its equivalent ASCII letter. There might be a phrase or message with the sequence along with the bits that are not eight bits wide
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    Working with embedded systems

    When I was in college, I used assembly language to write copy protection software. That software controlled a 4 phase stepper motor in a hard drive. I would position the read/write head to read and write encrypted on the disk sometimes using a 1/4, 1/2, or 3/4 track recording scheme. Each track...
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    Torque for rotating table

    Could you add a top view photo of the workstation?
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    PHP What programming language is used to store Bank Acct's/money?

    In languages such as C#, the programmer can take advantage of object abstraction. A persons bank information is stored in a RDMS database which is a relational layer for account processing and data security security layer. The choice of the programming language is then independent of the...
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    Working with embedded systems

    Not to be critical here, but when it comes to programming, learning concepts of language in conjunction with the syntax is best. Just because you have the syntax memorized that does not automatically mean you can write code skillfully. The syntax knowledge comes with the practice. For example...
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    I What are partial differential equations?

    The answer to your question is true. For example, U(x,t) is a function that depends on x and t. X and t are independent. Do you think is possible for a dependent function to have derivatives as functions?
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    How to get Output from this Program into Excel?

    Excel allows the csv file to be imported as text through the wizard. In the wizard there are choices for how the data is delimitated. Select comma delimited and answer the questions as you click next within the wizard. Hope that helps
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    Digital Electronics Homework Help

    In binary, multiplication can be accomplished by shifting the bits of items weight to the left once (weight times 2) then adding the original weight. If 1 pound is 0001 then to multiply by 3 perform the following 0010 (0001 shifted left once) add original weight 0001 leads to 0011 in binary...
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    Finding the maximum value of current

    The reason I ask is because if full scale is 50 divisions and there is .1ma (100 microamps) per division then the meter will draw 5 ma at full scale. Knowing this in conjunction with the 40 ohm series resistance of the meter means it has a voltage of 40 x 5 ma or .2 volts. Now the .1 ohm is in...
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    Finding the maximum value of current

    What is current is passing through the meter without the shunt at full scale?
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    Simple Water Rocket

    Since this experiment involves fluid dynamics, I would like to suggest reading about fluid dynamics and Bernoulli equations to possibly generate the equations you are seeking.
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    Working with embedded systems

    I try not to memorize a language. I have coded in C then C++ and focused on creative ways to solve problems . After a while Software developed of applications and embedded systems became an art. I used my imagination to guide me with the development of test plans and the design of the system...
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    Building speakers, induction and induced current

    You might find the information in this article helpful
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    B A block on the floor - forces

    Can you provide the question that is being asked and what is being asked in the way of a answer or answers ?
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    Using 2N3904 for 3V audio preamp

    Thanks everyone for your input. I went with the FET approach
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    Vacuum or pressure to move spaghetti through a hole

    Well, they know what's for dinner as they work. A wet noodle has a larger diameter that a dry one, What if the noodle's moisture level were to be reduced somehow (travel through a drying chamber) before it enters a tube ? That might reduce the contact friction enough to prevent it from coming...
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    Projectile motion when you are only given time and range

    Ok. Would you have access to a graphing calculator compare the path of the golf ball to your answer?
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    What integrated circuits, etc. for an amateur?

    Hi I cannot define exact parts because that is project specific . I can help you with a partial list of parts that I use. I work mostly in the 3.3 to 12 volt range in my projects. Metal film resistors Various types of capacitors Lm339 quad comparator Lm324, lm358 op amp Ln380 audio power amp...
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    B Sum of increasing and decreasing functions

    Hi those derivatives will tell you how the functions are changing, if that helps
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    Engineering JK Flip Flop Not Counting Properly in Actual Circuit

    I can't tell from the drawing, but is the flip flops clear pin tied high?