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    The Tunguska Gensesis-Contamination

    The Tunguska “Genesis-Contamination” The Tunguska “(Gene)sis-Contamination” From; [Broken] “There have been a series of interesting biological consequences of the explosion. Following the blast there was accelerated growth of biomass in the region...
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    A Ride On The Rainbow Warrior (The Missing Columbia BLACK BOX)

    A Ride On The Rainbow Warrior (The “Missing” Columbia BLACK BOX) I posted this once before (on the Dark Government website). Time to bring it out again… A Ride On The Rainbow Warrior (The “Missing” Columbia BLACK BOX) The following article is taken from “SC Infosecurity News (The...
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    Methane on Titan

    From; [Broken] “A bright cloud of methane particles is apparent in all three images near the south pole. It's persistence over an extensive range of colors indicates that these cloud...
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    A Conversation with Dr Edgar Mitchell About UFOs

    I’m having an interesting conversation with Dr Edgar Mitchell on his Forum;
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    Honeysuckle Creek 35th Apollo Anniversary

    Honeysuckle Creek 35th Apollo Anniversary Question: Who received the first images of Men walking on the Moon? Answer: Honeysuckle Creek did. Question: Who received the first images from the Viking Probes/Landers on Mars? Answer: Honeysuckle Creek/Tidbinbilla did. Honeysuckle Creek...
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    Beagles 3 & 4 due for 2007 Launch!

    What do you do when you lose a Lander? Simple, launch another TWO! Huh????????????? And why on Earth would anyone sponsor Beagle’s 3 and 4? Beagles 3 & 4 (on the way);,3604,1223765,00.html An image (by ESA) of Beagle 3 Lander...
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    The Truth Is Buried (And Even Colin Doesn’t Know!)

    From; “The report has been kept confidential to protect commercial interests and ensure no one was afraid to come forward with evidence, according to the agency. Professor Colin Pillinger, Britain's chief scientist for the mission, said only...
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    News The Reality Of Being A Human Shield

    From; “Public Forum - Donna Mulhearn: Life in Occupied Iraq Monday June 14th – 7pm Rooty Hill Uniting Church 86 Rooty Hill Rd North, Rooty Hill After living through the war on Iraq as a human shield, and returning to work with orphaned kids, Donna Mulhearn...
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    UK Laws Could Allow Hybrid Human-Animal Experiments

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    News Area 51 Microbiologist Ready To Testify To Congress On Designer Viruses & ETs

    Get active Americans! Let Dr DAN Speak! Grant him immunity in front of a Congressional Hearing! (IT WILL BE A VERY COLD DAY IN HELL, INDEED, WHEN THIS HAPPENS…) Immunity sought for Area 51 Microbiologist;
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    Nommos Prime (Dogon) Getting Too Close ?

    Nommos Prime (Dogon) "Getting Too Close...?" From; [Broken] “Notwithstanding that Mars is a very harsh mistress--missions fail with rueful frequency --it is now clear the cards were more heavily stacked than usual against the diminutive Beagle...
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    News Obvious Profiteering From War On Terror

    Obvious Profiteering From "War On Terror" I weary of pointing out the obvious, but who do you think is profiteering from the “War On Terror”? Is it the State of the USA? Well no, they (the taxpayer) are running at a loss. However, a handful of individuals (corporations) are making a KILLING...
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    Nommos Prime (Dogon) Gets Another One Right On (or UP ) The Nose

    Nommos Prime (Dogon) Gets "Another One Right On (or "UP") The Nose" Well, thanks to the most diligent (and rather covert, perhaps even illegal) tracking by me, Muster Mark (3) and especially Sven, it has been determined that Mars Express has “passed over” the Face on 3 separate periapsis...
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    Methane On Mars (Keeps Increasing!)

    Every time a measurement is made – the methane level rises. Most people on this Forum think I’m a loon. I’m a loon that gets it right an awful lot of the time; From the below Physics link; Check wrote; “Anyone wanna take a guess?” I...
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    A Beagle In The Pound and a MARSIS Wing-Clipped

    A Beagle “In The Pound” and a MARSIS “Wing-Clipped” MARSIS Derailed (Deployment Delayed – Yet Again!) From; “Also not under open discussion at this session were the latest developments with Marsis.” MARSIS...
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    An Earthly Explanation For UFOs?
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    The Terrestrial Prototype For The Face On Mars

    The Terrestrial Prototype For "The Face On Mars" [Broken] Could it be???????
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    Methane Everywhere (I Told You All!)

    Vindication is mine, unbelievers! 10 years of screaming about Methane in the Martian Atmosphere! Well done Mars Express (you've released what NASA refused to with the Viking 2 Lander detection of Methane in the Martian atmosphere). Methane (on Mars) is a biologically-produced gas (despite...
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    News Saddam's Thoughts On The Palestinian Issue

    Saddam's Thoughts On The "Palestinian Issue" Just to highlight how "out of touch" the West is, I'm reproducing a certain speech from one Saddam Hussein. I know I've posted it before on this Forum, but it's VERY RELEVANT now! From...
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    A Postcard From Vietnam

    I’ve reproduced an e-mail I received from a mate “passing” through S-E Asia; “sorry I haven't e-mailed you. been pretty busy (read debauched and drunk - you'd be proud seb), but I wanted to tell you a bit about vietnam. there are no tree's here that are older than 25 years which is pretty...
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    News Clarke's New Book (Check It Out ) “They died for the US President’s own agenda.” Richard Clarke, talking about Bush’s reasons for sending US soldiers to Afghanistan. Mr Clarke was President George Bush’s (Former) White House Terrorism Adviser and...
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    News Assassination of The Arab 'Pope'

    Hamas pledges war after Yassin slaying; [Broken] Now, he was a spiritualist, crippled since birth (a quadraplegic) and confined to a wheelchair. He was a cleric (roughly equivalent to a ‘priest’). The Israelis murdered him with missiles from Apache...
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    Is The Speed Of Light Slowing Down ?

    Is The Speed Of Light "Slowing Down"? Speed of light, (“Constant” contradictions); Electrical Signal Patenting. Hmmmm….; [Broken]...
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    Australian Scientists Confirm Past Life On Mars [Broken] Thought I’d link this article, as I’m quite sure those in the USA didn’t hear about it. Reminds me of the article I scored from Pravda (Russian newspaper) a few years ago, regarding the Hungarians proving that life exists TODAY on...
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    Masters Of Space

    Stop USA Weaponisation Of Space! (A TOTAL MEDIA BLACKOUT) “Weapons In Space: A Media Blackout”; [Broken] “Counterspace Operations For Information Dominance”
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    NASA What The? (NASA Boys in Blue)

    Is NASA “widening” their scope of influence into issues of law and order?,5478,8589222%255E1702,00.html
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    Overthrow of Australia’s Government by the CIA (The Pine Gap/ECHELON/Star Wars Link)

    “There is profoundly increasing evidence that foreign espionage and intelligence activities are being practised in Australia on a wide scale… I believe the evidence is so grave and so alarming in its implications that it demands the fullest explanation. The deception over the CIA and the...
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    Europa S8

    Anybody else heard of this facility? Apparently some really odd stuff is happening at Lake Vostok.
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    News Lunar Programme Admits Chinese to The Elite Cover-Up Club

    Lunar Programme Admits Chinese to “The Elite Cover-Up Club” [Broken] This sort of puts Bush’s and Jintao’s recent “whirlwind” tour of Canberra into perspective. Here’s some comments by Tom Schieffer (CIA Ambassador to...
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    News Pentagon Gags Aussies

    Here is a perfect example of the double-standards imposed by the US supposed "free society". [Broken] Freedom of Speech (thought) in the US (sorry, Cuba) is well and truly dead.