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    Gravitational potential energy of a sphere of non-uniform density

    Potential energy is the work done in bringing a unit mass from infinity to the center of sphere. U=integral[from infinty to zero](F.dr.cos(x)) here x=0=>cosx=1. now f is not constant. it is different outside the sphere and also inside(non uniform density). Break the integral for outside the...
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    Work done by magentic field

    is the work done by magnetic force always zero??
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    Work done by magentic field

    Two straight current carrying conductors A and B are lying in a vertical plane as shown.The separation between them is h and mass per unit lenght of wires is λ.Keeping one wire fixed (say A),Bis raised by small hieght δh. Q-1 What would be the work done by external agent? Q-2 Will the work...