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    Thermodynamics as a beginner?

    I would suggest studying the properties of substances like air(gas) and water (fluid/vapour). Get comfortable with recognising the specific volume, internal energy, enthalpy and quality for different conditions of the substances (like Temp, pressure, ect.). From there you can begin to apply...
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    Mechanics, help me

    The top of the thread due to it having the highest normal strain (change in shape and volume), the thread would elongate and become thinner allowing less work to be done to cut the thread.
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    How low can we Go?

    Yes that is true, alot of textbooks simplify absolute pressure as P(absolute) = P(gage pressure) + P(atmospheric pressure) or P(abs) = P(atm) - P(vacuum chamber pressure)
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    Moments and equilibrium homework

    can assume that the system is in equilibrium ? I'm not quite sure if the 60N.m is two or just a single moment. So to get x, take the total moment of forces around any point, then solve for x which is the length away from blue dot. Total of moments around blue dot = -60(Nm) +...