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    We say NO to yahoo, google, and (hotmail)

    yahoo chess pwns have you tried msn?
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    Time Travel: Paradox, Parallel or Repetitive?

    Like I have said before I believe that time travel is possible 1. Moving faster than the speed of light. If you somehow do so, then you will go back in time. 2. Entering a Wormhole, since wormholes traverse space and time. I think I heard somewhere that wormholes have actually been...
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    USA Black Budgets

    I find myself actually agreeing with Ivan for once. There are definitely black projects. "We want other people to know we have those, even if we don't really have them." -Njorl No we don't. Do we want Kim Jong Il to know that we can kill him in less than an hour and his 3rd world...
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    Physics exam

    Flip through the test and do the easy questions first. This leaves more time for the harder/complex questions.
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    What are everyones thoughts on UAVs?

    UAV's are l337, there is nothing cooler than having a robot spy or attack an enemy.
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    Do we see in two dimensions?

    If you are having trouble imaging the 4th dimension, then imagine N-dimensional space and let N go to 4.
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    Powered Armor?

    kojac, you didn't answer the question. What would you do if you had to go while you were in the suit? Not before you got in. I don't think that the suit is feasible today because it doesn't seem very agile nor fast. It would be a slowly moving target for RPG's, grenades, suicide vehicles...
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    9 Space Dimensions 2 Time Dimensions

    F-theory had like 10 spatial dimensions and 2 times I think.
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    Time travel is impossable

    shadowman, you are not thinking 4th dimensionally
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    Do you believe in classical, newton, mechanics?

    Don't forget that Newton had no idea how gravity worked. It was not until einstein with his spacetime "web" or "grid" did anyone really understand how gravity worked. And now... M-theory says that there is a particle called a gravitron that is responsible for gravity.
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    Powered Armor?

    Kojac, then what would you do if you had to go in the suit?
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    Tuff limit problem

    yep, gokul is correct
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    Time travel is impossable

    Time dilation [Broken]
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    Time travel is impossable

    I believe that time travel is possible 1. Moving faster than the speed of light. If you somehow do so, then you will go back in time. 2. Entering a Wormhole, since wormholes traverse space and time. I think I heard somewhere that wormholes have actually been observed on the...
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    Powered Armor?

    hey, I have an idea for the power system. How about a power plant that uses biological waste to power it. A piece of equipment as bulky as some have describe will be impossible to get out in time anyway, why fight it?
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    F-22 and MiG 1.42

    Yea, Mig 1.42 does seem cool, but the f22 is evenly matched and I doubt any will be built by russia. I think the best plane is aurora if it exists....
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    Time travel is impossable

    I know, but my point is that if a block is blue or red does not matter when you describe it mathematically.
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    2nd order DE, is there a way to solve this without series?

    can you use integrating factor?
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    A Logical proof of no god

    If everything can be described mathematically, then what place would a God have? Life is thought to exist on Venus,12543,406876,00.html [Broken] We cannot know the chances of life appearing, since we only have one planet to examine. The...
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    A Logical proof of no god

    Of course a priest can if he has a minor in physics and if physics removes the need for a creator then there might as well not be one.
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    Alein space craft, propulsion

    in scifi maybe
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    Moon/Mars - just go !

    good pts True, robots can send data back to earth better than a human could and men do consume resources and there are bigger problems back home... Similar arguments were made 400 years ago when America was discovered save robots of course. Why not simply send slaves? We would force them to...
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    What is subparticles?

    And the elusive God pariticle, a boson. A theorectical particle that converts energy into mass.
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    Next 50 years is bleak.

    Bush? Imperialist? lol Where was your criticism when the British maintained an empire in which the sun never set on? I did not hear any SWISS condemning NAZI GERMANY, one of the most expansionistic regimes in history, in fact I remember the SWISS actually COOPERATING WITH NAZIS. You are not...
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    Time travel is impossable

    no, because you cannot mathematically describe an object as blue. But you can say, for example, that an object is 3 units wide, 4 units long, 5 units high and moving along the line y=x at a velocity of 5 units/sec at t=6seconds. Color and brightness are irrelavent.
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    Requiem For A Dying Planet

    Preach it phobos SOLAR WINDS ARE BLOWING THE ATMOSPHERE AWAY? That is new and also crazy. The Earth has had an atmosphere for most of its 4.55 Billion life and if it was going to be blown away, then it would have happened a long time ago. Look on the bright side, If the earth's...
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    Global Dimming, Less Light Reaching Us

    lol Yeah it is now so dim that I don't even need to use my sun glasses. JK :rofl: . Depleted Ozone? Do you even know how it is created? 1% decrease in light yields 1% decrease in productivity? Wow that means that all those people with night jobs get nothing done. Metal pans...
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    How should we each contribute?

    lol What is with you people? Why do you think that the earth can only sustain 14 billion people when all 6 billion people can be comfortably fit into the land mass of TEXAS? FACE IT, The environment is far too big for any group of humans to make a difference. NAME ONE ENVIRONMENTAL...
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    John Kerry - for a Rapid switch to Solar-Hydrogen Economy

    this site has a lot of info for some reason
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    160,000 Said Dying Yearly from Global Warming

    lol, preach it Berty. People like Ivan are alarmists and they should be ignored. I remember in the 80's that Tony Danson (?) said something like if we do not stop polluting the oceans then they will be uninhabitable in 20 yrs. Well, we have not stopped polluting the oceans and we still have...