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    Looking for old documents

    I'm looking for old lecture notes from Calculus classes in the 1920's and prior. Or lesson plans. Or anything to establish the identity of those enrolling in the courses then, or why they were taking the course.
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    Math Masters Program. Lots of questions. What to do?

    I have been accepted into a graduate program at local university, along with being offered a teaching assistantship. Now comes the choice of what courses to choose. The master's program requires thirty credits of course work, along which includes introduction to real analysis, intro to...
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    Monotone Decreasing

    Here's another one I'm doing just for the fun of it.. "prove that (1 + 1/x) ^ (x + 1) is monotone decreasing" Okie Dokie.. If it just said show it, I'd be happy. Just plug in n=2, 3, 4.. and it is easy enough to observe that each term is decreasing. But to prove it is monotone...
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    Variation of parameters

    I'm not currently in a class, but I'm doing this for fun.. but technically I would still call it coursework, so I'm posting it here.. I'm studying Redheffer/Sokolnikoff's Mathmatics of Modern Engineering.. and I find a problem on page 75, use the method of variation of parameters to find the...