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    Radiofrequency communication through tissue

    2.550 GHz is easy to work with and works well trough skin. I'd suggest looking around on NCBI as well.
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    How Do Microwave transmitters work without physical connections?

    So I recently picked up 40 of 10.525 GHz Microwave RADAR transmitters: I opened up one out of curiosity and had something like this (image attached) . I noticed some parts of the PCB aren't even connected to anything. How do the different shapes and sizes of the PCB interact with each-other...
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    Why does the sun affect radio wave propagation?

    I noticed HF radio waves travel farther and easier when the sun is out rather then during the night. Why?
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    Power Line powered FM radio

    I had an idea of building an FM receiver that is powered from the electromagnetic fields generated by power-lines. My question is , how can I make the electromagnetic field receiving antenna? Will a simple copper coil work? If so, can the same coil be used as the RF antenna or will that have to...
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    How do computers keep time without power?

    I know the CMOS battery keeps the time and BIOS settings , but what is powered by the batter to keep time? A crystal oscillator? And why is it so crucial to keep time on a regular desktop computer?
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    B Cell Phone Tower Cell Spacing

    Can't multiple different cell towers that close to each other cause interference? Thanks lol
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    B Cell Phone Tower Cell Spacing

    If Cellular network towers are supposedly divided in cells , like this image , then why do we loose connection even when outdoors and not inside or near any buildings/cars. Also why is it common to see more than 1 cell tower near each other?
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    C/++/# Best Open source projects to contribute to?

    OpenCV is always an attention grabber, generally anything involving AI.
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    B Why does time only move forward and not backwards?

    Probably an unanswered question , just wondering what people have to say.
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    B Why does GPS require an accurate clock?

    Why do GPS need a cesium clock accurate to 10ns? Is this strictly for time keeping or is there some synchronization between satellites?
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    What makes a yagi antenna directional?

    How exactly do the elements "connect" to each other to make an antenna directional? I see some Yagi's have a reflector but most do not.
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    MATLAB Binary bitstream from QPSK with MATLAB?

    Hi , im trying to extract the binary bitstream from QPSK using MATLAB. Will something like Frames = reshape(B,[],N) work? If not, can someone point me in another direction?
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    Tinspire calculator apps

    This website has some great Ti calc programs
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    I How can I go about making a "Space Proof" coating?

    Yup , found this one
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    I How can I go about making a "Space Proof" coating?

    So im planning on launching a Satellite to promote the Dogecoin cryptocurrency. One of the main points is printing/painting (Or whatever) the logo on the side of a metal panel. How can I make it so it doesn't melt off or turn white from radiation so quickly?
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    Electronics 3D Printed 2.25 Ghz Microwave RADAR horn antenna

    I lined the inside and outside of the horn with Microwave paint , seems to work well enough for my use,
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    In layman's terms , how strong is a 3 Tesla Magnet?

    I saw a post where someone was granted access to a 1.5 Tesla MRI. After some research I discovered a 3 Tesla MRI. How strong is this magnet?
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    Electronics 3D Printed 2.25 Ghz Microwave RADAR horn antenna

    I do not have a license but im doing this in a controlled environment. I have not detected microwaves outside of the room im testing in.,
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    Electronics 3D Printed 2.25 Ghz Microwave RADAR horn antenna

    Yeah I put the tape after to try to fix it. I will try brass with solder and thinner walls and let you know how it goes. Thanks.
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    Electronics 3D Printed 2.25 Ghz Microwave RADAR horn antenna

    There is no coax feedline as this is for an electronic transmitter using gunn diodes. I generated the horn measurements from a tool that used to be on this website :
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    Electronics 3D Printed 2.25 Ghz Microwave RADAR horn antenna

    This is S-Band, less than 1.5 W. The thick walls were meant to try to prevent microwave from leaking , which as you can see did not work.
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    Electronics 3D Printed 2.25 Ghz Microwave RADAR horn antenna

    So I printed this antenna with some conductive filament , however the microwaves seems to be going between the layers of the plastic. I surrounded it with Aluminum and still leaking, what can I do to fix it? Can conductive silver paint work?
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    B Why do rockets explode so easily when they tip over?

    I've seen the SpaceX fail videos, even when they tip over on water the rockets still explode. Why?
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    I What would be a useful application for 10 Thz nano-antennas?

    Reading: However I dont understand what a useful application for this is? can someone explain?
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    A ELI5 : Fourier Series

    Thank you! Finally something that made sense
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    A ELI5 : Fourier Series

    Basically what I understand is that it is a method to find different parts of a continuous signal.
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    A ELI5 : Fourier Series

    What are Fourier Series in layman's terms ?
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    A ELI5 : Fourier Series

    Working on some microwave stuff, read about this but cant understand the explanations online.
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    B Why do microcontrollers fail in a Vacuum?

    Well exactly what I mean, at -30inHg they just powered off and would not reboot