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    Journal Access, etc.

    Having recently lost access to my old universities online library and thus access to all of the journals that the college is subscribed to i am now seeking other means of accessing recent papers. Doing a bit of searching didn't turn up much unfortunately and as such i started thinking of what...
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    Low Work Function Materials

    Hi Guys, I wanted to do an experiment testing the photoelectric effect but am having trouble getting light with energy higher than ~4 eV(300nm) through my window into vacuum as it's made of BK7 instead of something like fused silica. Does anyone know of a good material to use with a work...
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    Absorption of photons with less energy than the band gap

    Hi guys i have a question about how semiconductor materials absorb photons at less than the band gap energy. Particularly in an indirect material like silicon. Looking at absorption spectra for silicon i expected for it to immediately drop off at lower than the band gap energy ~1100 nm (1.12...
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    Distance traveled by X-rays in air

    Hi guys new to the forums and have a quick question about x-rays! I'm guessing that if i know how far an x-ray is traveling in atmosphere from where it is generated before being absorbed (by using a simple x-ray detector) i should be able to calculate the approximate energy of that x-ray...