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    Help with Quantum Statistics

    I'm a senior undergrad student and I am going to give a 50 minute lecture on Degenerate Fermi Gases to the Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics class. I was wondering if anybody could help me out with coming up with some interesting stories, factoids, thought experiments, history lessons...
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    Help on Quantum Statistics Topic

    I'm a senior undergrad student and I am going to give a 50 minute lecture on Degenerate Fermi Gases to the Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics class. I was wondering if anybody could help me out with coming up with some interesting stories, factoids, thought experiments, history lessons...
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    Looking for some help: interdisciplinary programs

    I have 1 more year as an undergraduate physics major. I've been looking for programs that are really a mixture of physics and something else (say engineering of medicine, but mostly physics). I've found some really good programs. These programs are titled Applied Science and Medical Engineering...
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    Just Checking Up on Everybody [Broken] Paden Roder
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    What Does This Mean?

    HELP! What Does This Mean? Ok, I have a heck of a question here. I was at my g/f's house last night and we were watching mtv's NEXT (I think that's what it's called. I only get farmer tv at my house:cry: ). This show has a lesbian pick from a group of four other lesbians who she wants to go out...
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    Internships and study abroad

    I was wondering if there is anybody who had a great experience in an undergraduate summer internship or a study abroad program that had to do with the field of physics? I'm starting my first year of college this year, so I will have a couple years to think about it before I do either of the two...
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    Laptop Troubles

    I'm a high school senior and I'm going to be going off for college. My problem is, I'm not sure what type of laptop I want to purchase for college. I thought of no better place to ask than here (where the computer geniouses linger.) I ask all of you because I, personally, can't see through...
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    Schools Undergrad college choice

    If you had the choice (ignoring the financial side of the scenario) to attend either MIT, Princeton, or Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology for physics with an emphasis on engineering (undergraduate), where would you go and why? Also, If you knew you could go to a prestigous (but not as...
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    Schools College selection

    Well, it's that time for me. I'm starting to apply to colleges and I've made a few campus visits. Assuming I get accepted to all the colleges I'm applying to (which is a pretty rough assumption), I was wondering what type of university would be best for physics. A) A small college (~1300...
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    Electrical Engineering and Physics

    How tough would it be to double major in EE and physics at a respected institution (say MIT)? Paden Roder
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    Schools Work with a university to develope the invention first

    I'm in the process of trying to obtain a patent. I have 2 choices: 1) I could spend my money on a patent attourny and take a shot at a patent with just preliminary ideas and calculations,or 2) I could work with a university to develope the invention first. I'm leaning towards the...
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    Any information on piezoelectrics

    Any information on piezoelectrics would be great. Paden Roder
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    Mars experiments

    I wasn't sure where to put it, so I thought it would be best in Gen. Disc. If you had the chance to go to Mars and experiment, what experiments and new technology would you use? What new invention would you utilize on your trip? Just wondering what you all thought. Paden Roder
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    Favorite quotes

    What are some of your favorite quotes that are about a Quantum Theory of Gravity (be it SST, LQG, etc...). I'm interested in serious along with humorous quotes. Paden Roder
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    Question on Illinois Universities

    What is the best Illinois Uni. for physics and engineering? Paden Roder
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    My talk with Brian Greene

    So I was at Brian Greene's lecture at Iowa State University yesterday. I had the chance to meet with him and talk to him. I asked him what his viewpoints were on Loop Quantum Gravity. He said something to the extent of:"It's a great theory. Probably a mix between ST and LQG is where the actual...
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    Calculators TI-83 calculator programs

    Hey, I've been writing programs on my calculator for math and physics ever since I found out that it was possible. I have about 10 now in the last 3 days, putting in the quadratic formula and other formulas, like finding torque or angular momentum. I was wondering if anybody had some pretty...
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    Shortest path

    Picture a room (a rectangular prism) that is 10 feet long x 4 feet wide x 3 feet high. Now, in the middle of the 4 foot wall, .3 feet down from the top, there is a clock. On the opposite wall, .3 foot from the bottom, there is an outlet. So... I want the shortest length for the...
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    Large number

    Well, I answered this question in a different forum in quite a hurry. So, if you can get it first, hurray for you. Problem: You have a 14 digit number. The number begins with 4 and ends with 3. The trick: the number has two of each numbers 1-7 in it. The 7's have 7 spaces between them...
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    I think I have a good suggestion

    To subscribe to a thread you don't have anything to comment on, but are interested in the thread, do what chroot says. :smile: Paden Roder
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    I am stumped Can you explain?

    I am stumped!! Can you explain?... The question of a lifetime. This kid came up and asked me today in school ( a 7th grader) a question, knowing that I was one of the more logical guys in the school. ..... I don't know what to say, he took me by suprise. This will numb my skull forever. He...
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    Just a statistics question

    Well, were trying to get caught up to where we were in school last year. And we are going over standard deviation. I just have a simple question. Why, when you are examining only a sample do you (when trying to find the variance) use n-1, and when you are examining the population, you use n...
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    Come on PFers, I need your shoe size!

    Hey. Just doing a little diddy for math class. Just tell me your shoe size. Just some statistics stuff, if you're wondering. Paden Roder
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    Which is more important to you?

    To expound upon marlon's poll. Please explain if you select neither. Paden Roder
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    Suggestion to the Admin/Mentors

    What if there was to be PF classes!!. Say, a class every day. People who are experts in some areas volunteer to teach in there area of expertise. Let's say, for example, one day is "programming for dummies", then next day would be "Lagrangian Formalism", next day is "History of Math". It...
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    Peltier Junction

    What's the physics behind a Peltier (sp?) Junction. I know what it does, but I'm not quite confident how it works. Paden Roder
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    Science project suggestions

    OK, some of you may know me, but for those who don't, I'm no expert in SST or LQG. I have read a decent amount of books, but I can't even fathom the mathematics (pretty much the real source) of either. My knowledge extends to The Elegant Universe, Carlo Rovelli's livingreview Quantum Gravity...
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    How old are my daughters?

    The host of the party was wonder what to do to make the party a little more interesting. So he though for a second, and he yelled out,"If anyone can solve this brain teaser, I will give you $20." This got the crowd's attention. The host then thought for a minute, and he said,"If you can...
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    Tricky lockers

    You have a thousand kids that go to highschool. In this school, there are 1000 lockers, so each kid has a separate locker. Now, All the kids , numbered 1-1000 line up outside of the school. The first kid comes in a opens all the lockers. The second kid comes in a shuts all of the even...
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    I've heard this before, and was wondering what everybody thought of it: Your thoughts. Paden Roder