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  1. Zaya Bell

    Searching for a proper undergraduate project to undertake

    Summary:: Searching for proper undergraduate project to undertake I'm a physics student, and I was randomly assigned a lecturer that was specialised in optics and electronics. He gave me two topic options to choose from, one was optics, the other electronics. However, I didn't like the...
  2. Zaya Bell

    Thermal radiation's origin

    If a substance gains energy, it's molecules vibrate faster and thus the material increases temperature. My question is if heat lost through any other means but radiation is zero, how exactly does these molecules radiate photons?
  3. Zaya Bell

    B Hertz experiment - The Spark

    Hello, so I was reading bout the Hertz experiment in different text and they always say something about the Spark causing accelerated electric charge. So I was wondering, is the spark necessarily for the production of EM waves? If yes, why? Because as I recall, applying an ac voltage should...
  4. Zaya Bell

    Testing How to perform a major physics experiment at home

    Hello there, I am a physics undergraduate and one trying to be very practical. I try to study a lot, to understand the principles and everything and get how all this knowledge came to existence. However, except for the little and not-very-modern experiments we carry out in our school I have no...
  5. Zaya Bell

    B Something else besides force?

    Why does some accelerating body stop when an opposite force is equal to it and some others will continue at constant velocity?. For example, say a book at some height above the ground is against a wall is released from rest. The book will always slide down even if the friction between the wall...
  6. Zaya Bell

    Career Choice: In between two opinions

    I am a university student studying physics hoping to chase a career in the field. But recently I discovered my love and talent for explaining science in a basic level people who have no idea what it is that they understand, I also like convincing some unbelievers that science works. Then even...
  7. Zaya Bell

    Extra magnetic energy

    A long thin current-carrying conductor have a magnetic field around it in the direction according the RHR. If a compass needle was placed beside the wire it moves to point in the direction of the magnetic field. Now the current in the wire doesn't diminish and can still light a bulb in its way...
  8. Zaya Bell

    I Complex numbers of QM

    I just need to know. Why exactly what's the complex number i=√–1 put in the wave function for matter. Couldn't it have just been exp(kx–wt)?
  9. Zaya Bell

    Colour change in light

    Colour is defined by frequency/wavelength. Hence whenever they both change, we are to observe a change in colour. But that isn't the case for campton scattering. Or is it?
  10. Zaya Bell

    B Colour Change problem

    Whenerver a monochromatic light, say red changes medium, it reduces in speed which in turn reduces wavelength. But then if wavelength is reduced should not the colour change? Or dies it?
  11. Zaya Bell

    Heat transfer in water

    Looking back to heat transfer by convection, which means denser molecules move down, lighter molecules move up. And then water at 4°C expands when cooled further, and at 0°C it contracts when heated. So if water at 0°C in a container is heated from the bottom, its molecules should...