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    Single Slit problems

    Homework Statement At what angle will 750nm light produce a second minimum if the single-slit width is 2.0um Homework Equations Sin(theta)=n(lambda)/w The Attempt at a Solution This is what I got so far (theta)=sin-1(3x10^-6/2x10^-6) I dont understand why I keep getting error on my...
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    Ripple Tank questions

    Homework Statement Two sources 6.0 cm apart, operating in phase, produce water waves. A student selects a point on the first nodal line and measures from it 30.0cm to a point midway between the sources and 5.0cm (on the perpendicular) to the right bisector. a) what is the wavelength Homework...
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    Springs & Energy

    Homework Statement Hello, I'm having an issue with a question I have all the numbers and everything but I cant quite get the answer correctly and its very frustrating.. A mass, m is held at UEP of a vertical spring constant k & allowed to fall. Calculate: a) The maximum stretch(max bottom) b)...
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    Impulse question

    Homework Statement Calculate the impulse(change in momentum) in each of the following situations. Also, state the direction of the change in momentum. A 4kg ball strikes a stationary pin head-on at a speed of 3m/s. It continues to move in its original direction, but its speed is reduced to...
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    Conservation of momentum and mass of a ball

    Homework Statement A 0.160 kg ball makes an elastic head-on collision with a second ball initially at rest. The second ball moves off with half the original speed of the first ball. a) what is the mass of the ball b) what fraction of the original kinetic energy gets transferred to the second...
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    Conservation of Momentum law problem

    Homework Statement m1= 3kg m2= 6kg v1 = 5m/s v2= 2m/s d = 3m DIAGRAM : Homework Equations Conservation of momentum: m1+v1 = m1v1'+m2v2' Conservation of elastic: m1v1^2+m2v2^2 = m1v1'^2+m2v2'^2 The Attempt at a Solution Now my attempt...
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    Circular Motion -- maximum speed Tarzan can tolerate at the lowest point of his swing?

    Homework Statement Tarzan plans to cross a gorge by swinging in an arc from a hanging vine. If his arms are capable of exerting a force of 1500N on the rope, what is the maximum speed he can tolerate at the lowest point of his swing? His mass is 85kg; the vine is 4.0m long Homework Equations...
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    Calculating the initial charge on an object

    Homework Statement Neutral metal sphere A, of mass 0.10kg hangs from an insulating wire 2.0m long. An identical metal sphere B, with charge -q, is brought into contact with sphere A. The spheres repel and settle(a picture just imagine a right angle triangle with 2 objects A and B at the...
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    Calculating Initial Charge

    Homework Statement Two small spheres with charges 1.6*10^-5 C & 6.4*10^-5 C, are 2.0m apart. The charges have the same sign. Where, relative to these two spheres, should a third sphere, of opposite charge 3.0*10^-6 C, be placed if the third sphere is to experience no net electrical force? Do we...
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    Calculate the tension in a tube

    Homework Statement given mass: 100g(the one hanging) Q1 = -30(mu)C Q2 = 70(mu)C Q3 = 50 (mu)C T=? Length of tube = 2m Length of rope = 1m Homework Equations Ft + Fg + Felect =0 F =k *q1*q3/d2 The Attempt at a Solution Those were the equations I have done so far, so the answer is 46N & the...
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    The equation to calculate the tension in terms of Coulombs Law

    Hello I was wondering what the equation is to calculate the tension in terms of coulombs law an example problem would be