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    Triple Integral

    Homework Statement ∫∫∫z/(1+x^2)dxdydz with the range 0<=z<=y<=x^2<=1 Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I have tried with the limits 0<=z<=1; z<=y<=1 and sqrt(y)<=x<=1, but it doesn't get me the right answer. Can you please help me and maybe give me a step-by-step...
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    Double integral substitution

    Hey. Homework Statement ∫∫x^3 dxdy, with the area of integration: D={(x,y)∈R^2: 1<=x^2+9y^2<=9, x>=3y} The Attempt at a Solution Did the variable substitution u=x and v=3y so the area of integration became 1<=u^2 + v^2 <=9, u>=v. And the integral became ∫∫(1/3)u^3 dudv. Then I switched to...