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    Engineering Induction motor problem

    So I've attached my graph and found that the windage/friction losses occur roughly around 230Watts. I just dont know how i further explain the magnetising current I0. I know I0 = input current on no load. So do i assumed from P = √3 x VL x IL x CosФ that CosФ=230/√3*220*6.8= 0.0849 or...
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    LADSIM PLC Bytronic ICT3 Help

    Attempt as above. image attached of Bytronic ICT3
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    PLC Question

    Homework Statement Uploaded as image 1 I will show my workings for 2 if 1 are in the right direction I also don't understand what is meant as I/O Designation charts (nowhere in my study notes) Homework Equations None The Attempt at a Solution Uploaded as image 2 is my attempt.
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    Sketch the waveform to represent the transient response

    Homework Statement Sketch, on a set of common axes, waveforms to represent the transient response of circuits having transfer functions with the following parameters: a) ζ = 0.5, ω = 1×10^3 rad s^-1 b) ζ = 0.2, ω = 2×10^3 rad s^-1 c) ζ = 2, ω = 1×10^3 rad s^-1 Homework Equations wd=wo√(1-ζ^2)...
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    Controlled rectification question

    Homework Statement a) If the firing angle is set for alpha=(pi/3) estimate the power dissipated in the bulb if it is rated at 100 W and the voltage source is 230 V @ 50 Hz. b) An anomaly that can occur in controlled rectification is drift of the firing angle on one half cycle, so causing an...
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    Fourier Analysis and the Significance of Odd and Even Functions

    Homework Statement Q1. a) In relation to Fourier analysis state the meaning and significance of 4 i) odd and even functions ii) half-wave symmetry {i.e. f(t+π)= −f(t)}. Illustrate each answer with a suitable waveform sketch. b) State by inspection (i.e. without performing any formal analysis)...
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    Simply supported loaded beam

    Homework Statement A beam of rectangular cross section 200 mm deep and 100 mm wide. If the beam is 3m long, simply supported at either end. And carries point loads R1 to far left, R2 to far right, 1m to left 5kN load, 2m to left 10kN load. (a) Calculate the maximum bending moment (b) Calculate...