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    Wire Reverse between Life and Neutral

    Averagesupernova, I noticed your power supply wires are Aluminum? What's the Code in your country?
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    Meeting with my advisor

    My father told me; do not listen to advisors! They are useless! Take care of yourself . I never visited them and I never will.
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    I can't decide EE or CE

    EE and CE are very, very hard and very similar programs, no matter which one you choose to finish everything depends where will you get a job. CE is more stressful, a nerve wrecking job, IMO.
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    Sizing Circuit Breakers?

    Yes CB protects conductors but the main protection is for the appliance and/or whatever is connected to those conductors and CBs. Choosing CB we have to read manufacturers specs and if specs on the namplate are 37.5 Amps that would be the main starting factor in deciding CB size, IMO. But...
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    Sizing Circuit Breakers?

    Since I am a girl and as you can see the most brave one to be the first one to tackle your question I would say the breaker should be rated 40Amps bcs you say that nameplate specs are 37.5 Amps. If there is a high starting momentum then max Amperage is increased to 45 A. Your wire gauge= wire...
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    Other Should I Become an Engineer?

    @my university they would not allow you to repeat 4 to 5 times, no way.
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    A project

    Although I don't have any idea but I am very much interested in this topic too. Please do not stop. Thank you.
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    Courses I hate Electrical Engineering courses i have 2 left, need guidance!

    mr coffee, as you can see as above from chipset there are good people who are willing to help . I understand you very well, I am a girl in EE and the program is very hard. But, do not give up, you will be fine in your CS major, and do not worry if you are behind just to let you know that in...
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    False GFCI Tripping

    It's me again; lets make sure we understand one another; GFCI breaker is installed to trip the power on all receptacles that get power from that GFCI breaker. GFCI outlet will disable just the appliance that is plugged into that particular GFCI outlet. Again: GFCI breaker WILL trip on the...
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    False GFCI Tripping

    GFCI breaker doesn't trip bcs of the load and its purpose is to trip bcs of the leakage=insulation is very bad and/or moisture. GFCI breaker would trip if the load is very high same like any other regular breaker but I am sensing in your case; or you didn't connect it properly that white coiled...
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    Schools Advice on Universities in Canada for international students.

    I would rather attend McMaster or Ryerson bcs University of Toronto is more for "theorists" , while McMaster and Ryerson are more practical, real life problems, I am at University of Toronto and I know the difference. Yes, I would like to attend Waterloo but my father says I have to stay home.
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    Social Life of a Physics Grad Student

    The social life of mine I could say is nonexistent, that is how I think. But, in another hand how my farher thinks I am OK. Since I am a girl of Serbian (Yugoslav) origin, not 19 yet and a 2nd year EE student my father thinks it is the best to stay home and be A GOOD GIRL:-)
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    Schools Harvard and MIT, and my university

    leright, I am sure you are right, thank you very much.
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    Schools Harvard and MIT, and my university

    Harvard's program I don't find equal and/or more appealing than the programs at The University of Toronto or University of Waterloo, Ontario. [Broken]
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    Broadest Civil or Mechanical?

    The main thing is; Do not worry, your background seems to be very solid. You will be very fine, just continue, don't give up. The broadest: hm, hm, hm,, Oh all of them, although I am in Electrical Engineering.
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    I registered for classes today…

    I can see your university runs on semestral system like almost all universities. Compare to my schedule; I have 30 hrs per week. How many hours per week you have? Your schedule seems to be very light in one way, but maybe it's better that way just to see how it goes 1st semester. Good luck...
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    Good Physics School

    I took just 3 physics courses in my engineering program. I never did like physics but I passed all my courses. My favorite physics course was Quantum Physics and if I had to study physics it would be at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
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    Physics/computer science/electrical engineering

    I really enjoyed reading both arguments and both were compelling, yet i am going to stick with electrical. Still, this discussion i found to be very informative.
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    It was not hard because I was a girl in EE

    Corneo, I took Economics as my elective too and I was hardly waiting to finish it. I just didn't like it.
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    Other Should I Become an Engineer?

    Last year I was worried will I be able to pass my engineering courses and is engineering for girls. I completed my first year of Electrical Engineering and would like to say Thank You to all of you for your encouragement. It was a lot of hard work but it paid off in the end. Thanks again...
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    It was not hard because I was a girl in EE

    Electrical Engineering Program was very, very hard. Six courses per semester, it was suicidal but manageable. I could not imagine that it was going to be so dificult in my first year of engineering program. Not many students are left in the program. I was a top student in high school but...
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    Studying Anyone studying engineering and working P.T.

    Jeff, you are sooooooo good boyfriend, I wish to find one like you.
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    Studying Anyone studying engineering and working P.T.

    Is it manageable to study engineering full time and work 2 days a week?
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    Schools Where do you attend university?

    in Toronto, EE 1st year.
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    Did your parents influence your education

    Cod, NO you did not rant too much. Actually it is great what you are telling us.
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    Did your parents influence your education

    So far very fascinating. Integral, thank you sooooooo much. You made me to cry. I am happy for you now everything is OK.
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    Engineering for a girl

    Moonbear, thank you very much. I was accepted to the university (McMaster University, Hamilton) where they have a program as you say 1st year general courses for everyone, but I changed my mind although I did like that program and also I was offered $14000.00 schoolarship for 1st year. I could...
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    Did your parents influence your education

    For example; my father did have a big, big influence on me. I can say because of my father's interests for me I am very good in mathematics and tech courses and probably unconsciously that's why I am studying Electrical Engineering? As far as I can remember from grade 1 my dad worked on math...
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    Engineering for a girl

    my personal observation is there are more female students in Industrial eng than in EE or ME. ****Astronuc, thank you very much for the sites. I like your saying.
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    How many hours should i take next semester?

    leon1127, I am not sure did I understand American system correctly and if I did does it mean you will take 7 courses per semester? Otherwise 25hrs is not a big deal. That is a common thing in Canada for Arts students, and engineering/math students are around 30hrs, which is 6 courses per...