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    Simple Harmonic Motion

    Homework Statement While visiting friends at Cal State Chico, you pay a visit to the Crazy Horse Saloon. This fine establishment features a 200- kg mechanical bucking bull that has a mechanism that makes it move vertically in simple harmonic motion. Whether the “bull” has a rider or not, it...
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    Asteroid Radius problem

    Homework Statement Asteroids have average densities of about 2,660 kg/m3 and radii from 470 km down to less than a kilometer. Assuming that the asteroid has a spherically symmetric mass distribution, estimate the radius of the largest asteroid from which you could escape simply by jumping off...
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    Help with Tension problem

    Homework Statement A string is wrapped several times around the rim of a small hoop with radius 0.0800 meters and mass 0.344 kg. If the free end of the string is held in place and the hoop is released from rest calculate the tension in the string while the hoop descends as the string...
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    What equation do I use?

    Homework Statement Earthquakes produce several types of shock waves. The most well-known are the P-waves and the S-waves. In the earth’s crust, the P-waves travel around 7.0 km/s while the S-waves move at about 3.6 km/s. The time delay between the arrival of these two waves at a seismic...
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    Trouble finding velocity equation

    Homework Statement The problem given has a(t) = C*t where C is a constant and equals 1.2 m/s^3 and t is time. It says velocity after 1.0 second is 5.0 m/s. The question is, what is the velocity after 3.6 seconds. I don't know if I can integrate to get the velocity equation or not. Please...