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    Electric field

    Suppose there is a positively charged wire inside a negatively charged cylinder. What would be the net external electric field? Would I first need to combine the charges, or can I just combine the seperate fields?
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    Doppler effect

    Now if there is wind involved, would only f(actual) change?
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    Doppler effect

    If a source and detector are moving towards one another, for the general doppler equation, would this be considered the source moving or the detector moving?
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    1000 Hz corresponds to I = 10^-12

    I would be intensity, in watts/squared metre.
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    1000 Hz corresponds to I = 10^-12

    If 1000 Hz corresponds to I = 10^-12 , then how do you find I for other given frequncies?
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    Spring-mass system

    Hi, in a simple spring-mass system consisting of two identical springs, how would you treat the springs? Would Hookes equation be F = kx + kx?
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    Pressure of a diver is 10X

    I want to find when the pressure of a diver is 10X that when she is on the surface of the ocean. I know that at the surface, the diver experiences a pressure of 1 atm. But how do I go about finding the pressure under water? Do I have to consider teh partial pressure of water?
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    Spring constant of two cords

    Thank-you for replying. There is a plastic funnel for the softball. Attached to the funnel are two surgical chords, about 1 m in length each. The funnel and the two chords form the "slingshot". To measure the spring constant, I hung the "slingshot" from a bracket on the wall. In this...
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    Spring constant of two cords

    Imagine you have two chords attached to a softball holder. The spring constant is 300, measured when the chords were 10 cm apart. Now if the distance between the unattached ends were increased, does the spring constant change? Also, say the distance between the chords are increased, the...