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    Naked singularities

    Ok, just HOW could they exist, when the event horizon is just gravity, singularity is supposed to be infinitely contracted mass, and mass is supposed to have gravity? Any insights at all appreciated...
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    Spacetime distortion - question

    Let's say there are two objects of the same mass. One of the is moving, the other not. Now let's look at both of them at a certain moment of time. In this MOMENT both are still, they occupy a certain space. Can you tell which one is moving based on spacetime distortion (theoretically)?
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    Gravity and spacetime

    If I understand everything correctly, gravity affects particles with mass/energy. How can it possibly affect spacetime? Doesn't it have to "grab" something?
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    Favourite science fiction?

    Well? I'll tell you mine a bit later...
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    Hypnosis Can it really be done

    Can it really be done? If yes, how?
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    Good books on quantum mechanics?

    I'm searching for good books on quantum mechanics, ones that assume you have close to none prior knowledge and that pretend mathematics doesn't exist (well, at least mathematics mustn't be used in the book...). Ideas? Please?
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    Best science-related magazines?

    I'm thinking about ordering New Scientist, is it any good? Are there any you consider to be better?
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    The temperature of black holes

    To this day I haven't been able to understand why small black holes have higher temperature (and thus radiate more) than big black holes. I need a non-mathemathical explanation... Anyone? Pretty please?
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    New consumer laws and more

    New Consumer Laws The combination of modern physics and consumer protection laws leads to a new wave of product labeling. NOTICE: Due To Its Mass, This Product Warps Space and Time in Its Vicinity. WARNING: This Product Attracts Every Other Object in the universe, Including the...
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    Weird animals

    What would you say are the weirdest animals on Earth (frightening would also do)? It would be nice if you could provide pictures/descriptions!
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    The Bermuda triangle

    Are there really strange things going on there?
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    The twin paradox

    Can anybody PLEASE explain the twin paradox to me? I just don't get it!
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    'Looking' at atoms

    Can anyone explain to me just how we can 'look' at an atom and its, um, components? And how the process of 'looking' changes the object we're looking at?