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    Programs Decided on math major but I don't have good study skills

    Hi I've recently decided to become a math major, as it's the subject that I've enjoyed the most and had the most exposure to during high school. During high school, the AP Calc classes and a Calc III course I took at a local CC came to me quite naturally. I just followed along to the...
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    Courses Should I take more theoretical courses or applied courses?

    Hi. I am a math major that got started late. I started taking prerequisites during my sophomore year (which I'm finishing this year). I'll be taking some courses in algebra and analysis next year. There are some courses that can fulfill my major requirements, but some are theoretical and some...
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    Does my undergrad curriculum matter a lot?

    Hi. I'm currently a sophomore and I am doing a math major with a concentration in statistics. I'm a bit overwhelmed by the amount of courses there are for the major. I haven't taken any math classes during my first year, and I just finished up linear algebra (intro level; will be taking upper...
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    Math How good are job prospects for math majors?

    Hi. I'm planning on doing a double major with psychology and mathematics. My parents are opposed to this, and they think that I should major in psychology and do premed. They are doctors and all their doctor friends are employed and having a good life in general. The only people that they know...
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    Java Java program isn't working please help

    Hi I wanted to make a program that would check if a number if it was an integer or not in Java. here's the source code: import static java.lang.Math.*; public class gcd { public static void main(String [] args) { double a = 1; double b =1; double c = 1...
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    Unique Factorization for polynomials

    Homework Statement Prove unique factorization for hte set of polynomials in x with integer coefficients Homework Equations The Euclidean algorithm may be of some use The Attempt at a Solution Let's say that the polynomial is of the form anx^n + a(n-1)x^(n-1) ... a1x + a0 There...
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    Quadratic integers help

    For the theorem that states that in quadratic field Q[sqrt d], if d is congruent to 1 mod 4, then it is in the form (a + b sqrt d)/2 and if it's not, it's in the form a + b sqrt d where a and b are rational integers, is it saying that if a and b are rational integers and the quadratic number are...
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    Finding GCD in Q[sqrt 3]

    Hi. I need to find the GCD of two numbers in Q[sqrt 3]. Let's suppose these two numbers are 12 and 35. How would you go about finding the GCD of those in Q[sqrt 3]? thanks~