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    Espionage Games - Snow storm

    Does anyone have a recommendation for an espionage type of game where you are in a snow storm? Games sort of like Metal Gear Solid but with snow? Or possibly like Rainbow Six.
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    Hate Major; Need Help Changing.

    I have received my Assoc. degree in IT; which is by far one of my biggest regret, as I hate this field. I took three comp. sci classes (Intro, OOP 1, and C++) and cannot bring myself to program even as a hobby. As a matter of fact programming bores me to all hell. I have tried to make myself...
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    Need tips on changing major

    When I started school (2-3 years ago) I thought the best field to get into would be the IT field. Few months later I get an IT job and it's "meh", then I get a better paying IT job and it is even more "meh". Long story short I cannot stand my classes and have grown to hate the IT field, hate...