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    Solving a Simple Circuit involving Current Source by the Loop Current Method

    Homework Statement For the resistor network in the picture, use loop currents to find the current through the 4Ω resistor and the change in voltage E across the current source. Circuit Attached Below . Homework Equations Kirchoffs Laws Loop Current Method V=IR The Attempt at a Solution...
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    Schools Civil Engineering - University of Waterloo Vs. University of British Columbia

    Civil Engineering -- University of Waterloo Vs. University of British Columbia Im currently a high school senior in Panama. I will graduate in one month with an IB Diploma. Im considering two universities right now, Waterloo and UBC both for civil engineering. In Waterloo I got into the...
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    Chemistry: Van´t Hoff factor for baking soda

    Hello, Im writing up a lab involving boiling point elevation of distilled water when solutes are added to it and im using the equation: deltaT = iKm where: deltaT is the change in boiling point of the solvent, K is the molal boiling point elevation constant, and...
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    Experiment outline on Tap Water vs Bottled Water

    Im currently a junior at my highschool, and i am planning on performing an experiment in which i will compare local tap water to locally bottled water and see if there is any scientific justification for paying more for bottled water. I have done some research on the aspect and have found the...
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    Tap vs Bottled Water; Guidance Appreciated

    Hello, im currently in the first year of my IB program, taking Higher Level Chemistry, Im required to write an extended essay (4000 word paper). Im considering writing on water, performing analysis and comparing tap water, to some branded waters and reaching a conclusion. I read about a study in...
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    Permutation Problem

    Homework Statement In How many ways can six men and two boys be arranged in a row if: a. The two boys are together? b. The two boys are not together? c. There are at least three men separating the boys? Homework Equations P= N! (n-r)! Identical n objects...