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    Equation to relate voltage to distance of a spark

    I need to calculate the minimum distance for which a charge of some voltage will jump. Is there any equation that relates distance of a spark jump to voltage (a fairly generalised equation will do, I dont need to worry about strange shapes of the charged bodies that the charge leaps between or...
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    Frictionless sphere, falling particle

    Homework Statement A particle initially sits on top of a large smooth sphere of radius R. The particle begins to slide down the sphere without friction. At what angle . does the particle lose contact with the sphere? Homework Equations g=9.8m/s2 perhaps? (Is this dependent on the...
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    Spring and falling body problem

    1. Neglect air resistance. A suspention bridge spand the colorado river at a height of 321 meters. Consider a 75kg bungee jumper, and a 200m bungee cord which obeys hooke's law (once it reaches its unstreched length). a) calculate the spring constant k, so that the jumper halts just above...
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    Im thinking about building a cyclometer

    Should i be able to replace those large stationary "dee" magnets with electromagntes? (or would that be a grand misuse of the powersupply, as i know i will need to supply an ample amount to the electron gun, and the current which i need to accelerate the particles, rather than simply keep them...
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    Proton current

    i was thinking over how a hydrogen fuel cell works, seperating the electrons and protons (into its ions like any other way of converting electrical enery to chemical) but i wondered if the protons as well as the electrons could be used as a current to creat a circuit such as the electrons do, or...
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    Forces affecting the path of a photon

    could anyone be so kind as to provide a list for me, im attempting to better a formulate a further question, but this list would be greatly helpful in my understandign of what i am trying to ask. the two i can easily think of are: 1.gravity 2.magnetism can anyone correct me if either...
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    Energy and gravity

    in energy directly related to gravity as mass is, it seems that it should be according to relativity, but this leads me to the question of why dark matter need be proposed to explain the differences in gravity and mass proportionality of galaxy clusters and such. Is this difference not as simply...
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    Ac vs dc power

    which does an appliance sich as a ipod run off of..? i know verry little of such things =(
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    Mass in things like gluon fields

    what sort of equations are specific to this, and could they be explained for me? I am jumping from one place tot he next in my learning of these sort of things, as i have honestly never taken a physics class. i still have a fairly in depth knowlege of the relativity, lorentz's ideas of it, some...
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    Biology related science fair ideas?

    i know there is a big link for science fair ideas somewhere, i cannot seem to find i though, could someone redirect me at the least, or perhaps post your own ideas here?
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    Good textbook

    anyone know of a good quantum physics textbook?
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    Intermediate qm what should i know

    i eventually wish to learn all that i possibly can, though atm i have only recently bothered with qm much at all. I have a near complete as i can get understanding of Relativity, have read the origional papers by lorentz, einstein, and the if you wish to base any comments on that view...
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    Equationins governing QM

    firstly, I am deeply astounded at my typing job in the title.. what are the main equations governing qm, I am sure that atleast a few must exist, though i fail to turn them up in any place i look. To aim you more toward what i seek in particular should I be plesently surprised with a plethora...
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    Lorentz' ether

    Lorentz' "ether" I have recently read a paper written by H.A. Lorentz in wich he repeatedly referred to an "ether"... what seems strange to me is i am not sure what this ether is, and it is only described as how it can manipulated mathmatically. It has appeared in more than one of his papers...
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    Photon splitting

    photon "splitting" I have heard a thing or two about photons splitting into more photons and dividing the origional energy amongst themselves, but have never really heard it explained. I suppose it should work out just fine with photons having no mass, but just te be sure, is there some...
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    EFEs in context

    could soemone give me a site, or let me know of a book that gives the feild equations in the context which Einstein presented them, along with his discussion of their implications?
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    Importance of enthalpy

    i understand enthalpy, what it is, how it changes. I have only two questions... first, as enthalpy changes the Pressure can change also (i know it doesent have to, but my book seems to be attempting to tell me that it never changes) and secondly could someone present a problem in which enthalpy...
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    Zumdahl text users

    Main Question: How many people are taking a course using a zumdahl text? I ask this because i would like to add a few people as buddies if they dont mind, and will help them with the class as i go through it, to help keep my memory fresh.
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    Medical Biphastic sleep

    i am thinking it partioning sleep patterns, and as far as i can tell, i can get it down to 3 hours or so a day, though i dont want to take 6 naps or so a day as this will lead to decreased levels of seratonin,melanin etc. i beliave that if i take two 3 hour "naps" or rather partitioned sections...
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    Trivial information not necessarily unimportantbut random

    alright i used to look up 5 or so random (or so it seemed to most people) facts, or concepts just about daily. many of which involved mathmatics or sciences. Now more recently i havent done so much, and feel i am becoming far less usefull then i had been previously, and besides who doesent want...
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    Unanswered chemistry question (from a test)

    the net ionic equation for the reaction of calcium bromide and sodium phosphate contains which of the following species: a. Ca^2+(aq) b. PO4^3-(aq) c. 2Ca3(PO4)2(s) d. 6NaBr(aq) e. 3Ca2+(aq) now for some reasoni went ahead and put 6NaBr which is now most obviously to me not the...
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    Weak acids

    i had this question on atest recently, it said to identify whish of these is not a weak acid: HCNO : HBr : HF : HNO2 : HCN. Now the problem i am having with his, is in my book it gives that theyre common acids...ig deal, not if theyre strong or weak, and on the internet as far as i have found...
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    How to calculate polarity basic, i know

    i cannot get this i have read through texts, and have made probably incorrect postulates of my own on the matter but canot find an easy, or a way at all to calculate spin. (my postulates are limited to the idea that one or two free electron pairs on a simple molecule with one center aom causes...
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    Recent experience with scolarships for out-of state scholarships

    does anyone have some recent experience with scolarships for out-of state scholarships they could let me know about...I already meet all the requirements on my sats and what not for anything instate, but i live in florida and was looking at either caltech, or mit definetly for a major, and mabye...
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    How usefull are dc and ap classes in highschool

    im a sophomore in highschool, and am being offered a good number of ap and dc classes (some of which they have waived prerequisets for so they may be alittle trickey) i plan on taking as many as possible, and im sure youll get questiones about my homework once in a whie... but, how usefull is a...
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    Any such equation to relate spacetime to energy/mass

    this may be quite a usefull euation indeed by my standards... and think its worth looking into, though i do not suspect one would exist
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    How do i use mathmatical symbols

    not necessarily homework...but i dont know where to put it... how do i use greek letters/square roots...etc in the forums
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    Quantum gravity distortion

    i know what it is, and why its searched for...but i have brought myself to a fairly simple answer, and would like to know why it is not a correct one. could quantum gravity not merely state that the reason for the distortion of particles into the qm description (partial-wave) is because of the...
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    Predicting polarity

    how do i tell when a molecue is poler... i know its when it was dipole moment that do not cancel each other... but how do i know when a molecule had dipole moments... this one is really stunmping me.....nad about all thses questions... no im not reading them off a list... this is a few moths of...
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    Predicting bond angles of ions/molecules

    -how to predict the bond angles of ions/