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    Circumference of a 4-sphere

    Is it just coincedence that 2∏r × ∏r2 =2∏2r3
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    VB Project: 20 Greatest Mathematicians

    Pascal & Pythagoras?
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    Need some help with lim

    Factorising 2X^2-X-15 gives (2X+5)(X-3) Therefore: X=3 or X=-5/2
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    Maximum number of possilities?

    This is one of the few references I can find that may have some bearing. I think he mean's Hubble Volume.
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    Algebra problem

    Alleluia I thought I was going mad. It's a good paper, I bet lots of people read it but I bet they rarely actually follow the math. Thanks again.
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    Algebra problem

    Ok that PDF works it out a different way but, even now, things don't look right From the bottom of the second page We have "Now recombining the RHS and LHS we have:" 1/2 ((1/c+v)+(1/c-v))[pard]T/[pard]t = [pard]T/[pard]x +(1/c+v)([pard]T/[pard]t) Right, fine and dandy BUT...
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    Algebra problem

    After I got c/(c^2- v^2) on left side I moved the 1/(c-v)over to isolate [pard]T/[pard]x over on the right then removed [pard]T/[pard]t from the brackets to get the fraction v/(c^2- v^2). I them moved the whole lot across to put it equal to zero
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    Algebra problem

    Hi following a link on another thread I began to read On The Electrodynamics Of Moving Bodies should equal but I end up with a minus instead of a plus between the two fractions(in the last equation). I've gone through my calculations but I cannot see where I've gone wrong...