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    Emf induction

    Is it too complicated or is my question too dumb?
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    Emf induction

    Well, Here is a simple generator with wiring. What do you say now?
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    Emf induction

    emf induction.... Why does a moving conductor becomes induced with an emf? Well I know it has to do something with changing magnetic flux. The thing I want to know is why the changing magnetic flux leads to e.m.f. induction? Secondly, we have an A.C. generator in which the coil is rotated to...
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    Conventional current

    I'll try my best to these questions. Electric current means the rate of flow of charge(in coulomb) passing through a given cross-section of a conductor. Conventionally, Its direction is taken to be positive to negative, opposite to the REAL direction of current but it is equal in magnitude to...