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    Best movie scenes

    Saving Private Ryan: The first 30min are just awesome.... BraveHeart: The last few scenes... These two were the best. The "Neo vs Loads of Agents Smiths" scene from Matrix reloaded wasnt bad either.
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    Get them across the river

    The servant has now 3 girls :devil:. So he'll definately run away with them.:biggrin: This brain teaser does have an answer. But I wont reveal it just yet.
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    Get them across the river

    Since the servant has two girls, he'll run away with them. So thats a wrong answer.
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    Get them across the river

    There are six people. They are: A king, A queen, A knight and his wife, A servent and his wife. There is one boat and they all want to cross the river. The problem is: the boat cannot take more than 2 people. Your job is to tell them a way so that they can all get across the river. Rules...
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    A very funny personality test!

    I believe 2 and 3 are for guy2 and guy1 respectively. If thats the case then atleast for me the result is OK, not very good but not very bad either. I must admit that I am narrow-minded and sometimes can feel alot of jeolousy but 75% is a bit too much. I dont take advantage of others(atleast I...
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    A very funny personality test!

    So when are we going to get our result? :tongue2:
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    A very funny personality test!

    hmm... Girl: 15 (she DOES love him) GUY1: 75 Guy2: 0 (he just explioted the girl) Guy3: 10
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    Urgent Question, must know!

    about:blank :(
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    I need some advice

    LOL I'm just in A'levels so I dont think I will get a chance to do that. :smile:
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    I need some advice

    First of all, thanks a lot for the replies guys. That is exactly what is happening with me. Moreover, I feel like I don’t know anything that’s why I write/say things repeatedly. I'm going to check the sites which zoobyshoe linked to. I hope they help to solve this problem...
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    I need some advice

    I'm not at all interested in philosophy. In fact, I hate it. :yuck:
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    I need some advice

    Since the last 3 or 4 months I'm having a lot of trouble. I love phys, math and chem. I love them so that even when I go to bed to sleep my mind can’t stop thinking about them. But as I said before since the last 3 months, I can’t understand anything. When my teacher teaches me something I think...
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    Body Hair

    I have the hairiest legs and arms in my family. Even my friends sometimes call me a bear. I also have a small patch of hair right in middle of my chest.
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    Things I Love from America

    Yeah, I've seen the photos. I've even watched a television documentary on it. I just hate the people who say humans didn’t land on moon. They say there are a lot of lighting anomalies which prove that the photos are fake. My brother was with me and I showed him that everything was possible. As...
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    Another fun survey

    Economic Left/Right: -1.00 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 0.87
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    News Cartoon in washington post.

    That's stupid. I still think it was intentional. I still remember seeing an American cartoon in which the term DOG was used as an abuse. Even in english language the expressions with dog in them always have negative meanings. And after all this he was thinking that personifying Pakistan as a dog...
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    News Cartoon in washington post.

    I'm sorry about writing washington post instead of times. I feel like a complete idiot.
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    News Cartoon in washington post.

    I was going to say the same thing. US government financially helped the Taliban to defeat the Soviet Union. And So-crates Pakistan is not a military dictatorship. Most the literate people here support Musharaf and want to see him in both the uniform and as the president of Pakistan. Cross-border...
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    News Cartoon in washington post.

    Few days ago the Washington post in America printed a cartoon in their newspaper. It had a DOG with Pakistan written over it and an American soldier standing close to it. I thought alot about it and really pissed me off. What do they really want? They hate us when we dont support them in their...
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    How often do you eat meat?

    I chose 3-4 per week option. Meat can be found in one form or another in my diet. What do you mean by suffering? Dont the animals suffer when another animal kills them for food? Thats the way of life and I see no reason why a person should give up eating meat(unless its for medical reasons...
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    The Golden Age of Science: When will it end?

    Exactly my thoughts!
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    I've been bitten by a dog

    Thanks for your concern guys!
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    I've been bitten by a dog

    Man you can find loads of stray dogs on the streets in Pakistan. This trick works best on them. I've tried this myself but I really dun think that it would have scared that dog off. IRT matt. It WAS a big dog.
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    Mind power and black magic

    Do you people believe in them? Do they have any scientific bases? As for me, I myself think that they are nothing but non-sense.
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    I've been bitten by a dog

    I've been bitten by a dog!!! Today, about 5 hours ago, when we (I and my two friends) were on our way home from my tuition, a pet dog came running towards us. Initially, we all thought that since it was pet dog it wouldn’t bite us so we didn’t change our course but just after few seconds we...
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    Optical illusion

    Well, neither do I. But this pic shows it all: [Broken] By the way I really like the optic illusion found be Omicron. :bugeye: [Broken] Sorry for the size.
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    Survey about cloning

    1. Male 2. Below 20 3. High School 1. Yes 2. No 3. Yes, My clone is my sibling 4. Yes 5. No, because We will lose our uniqueness and the values of life, we should only reproduce organs for medical uses, not an entire human being and we are going against God/ violating natural rules. 6...
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    My brother

    My elder brother has decided to study abroad for heigher studies. He's a bit reluctant though. This is because here we have heard loads of stories about people in America and europe hating us specially after 9/11. Is it true?
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    Ask a Stupid Quetion Get a Stupid Answer

    It looks like a 9 rotated clockwise by 90 degrees. Whats so special about Oxygen?
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    Story time

    had to arrange a crane...