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    Micro Nuclear Device

    Critical mass of uranium in a sphere is approx. 20kgs I think, fusion doesn't need a specific mass or shape(obviously you want alot for a large explosion), but it does need 100,000,000°c which is only obtainable by a normal nuclear explosion. So the smallest nuclear bomb would have to contain...
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    Does negative mass exists?
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    Nuclear bomb?

    Nice, astrophysics was removed from the ciriculum (yay spelling) the year I would've done it! :( I loved Nuclear physics and motion, didn't like light but I absolutely hated electricity. I liked Special and General Relativity though, but that isn't much past remembering lorentz factor and...
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    Nuclear bomb?

    Thanks, I just wrote down what I learnt 2 years ago in Year 11 Highschool physics (I'm in year 12 now and finnished year 12 physics last year, I hate how they dumb down stuff D:)
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    Are forces really carried by virtual particles?

    Why do there have to be particles to explain gravity? Why can't t just be a force that acts in an area (infinity I guess). There isn't any particles involved with the force of magnetism (other then having aligned feilds with what ever metal). Why can't gravity be a force like magnetism (in that...
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    When matter and antimatter collide?

    I don't think I could understand how energy would not always be "pure". Probably just the wording they use to make the article sound cooler. And since they see the need to make their article sound cool they obviously aren't going to use complex examples and say stuff like "well, not really, but...
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    Nuclear bomb?

    Nuclear Fission (splitting), Uranium-235 or Plutonium-239 is shot with a slow neutron and fast neutron respectively then they become to large for the nuclear forces to hold them together, the atoms split into 2 smaller elements and let off more neutrons (1-3, 2.6 is the average, mostly 2 and 3)...