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    Optics problems

    My book says, when there is a silvered lens, we are supposed to consider it as a lens and a mirror seperately and consider 4 refractions and 1 reflection. I am unable to verify this from any standard textbook. Any source you'll suggest?
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    Silvered Lens and Optics

    silvered lenses hey! I havent understood silvered lenses and am having exactly the same problem as you posted. My book says there are 4 refractions. I would like someone to explain this. Thanks
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    Optics problems

    Problem 1: A thin hollow glass sphere has a radius of 1 m. A coin is placed at the bottom of the glass sphere. 2.09 metre cube of a liquid of refractive index 1.5 is poured into the glass shpere. A person is viewing the object vertically. What is the apparent depth of the coin? Im not sure...