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    Taylor series expansion for gravitational force

    Homework Statement The magnitude of the gravitational force exerted by the Earth on an object of mass m at the Earth's surface is Fg = G*M*m/ R^2 where M and R are the mass and radius of the Earth. Let's say the object is instead a height y << R above the surface of the Earth. Using a...
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    Archived Displacement and Momentum, particle in cathode ray tube with variables

    Homework Statement In a cathode ray tube (CRT) used in older television sets and oscilloscopes, a beam of electrons is steered to different placed on a phosphor screen, which glows at locations hit by electrons. The CRT is evacuated, so there are few gas molecules present for the electrons to...
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    Momentum hw problem, steel ball dropped from h

    Homework Statement A steel ball of mass m falls from a height h onto a scale calibrated in newtons. The ball rebounds repeatedly to nearly the same height h. The scale is sluggish in its response to the intermittent collisions and displays an average force Favg, such that FavgT = FΔt, where...
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    Momentum and Newton's Gravitation force question (2 stars)

    At t = 0 a star of mass 5.0×1030 kg has velocity < 6.0×10^4, 7.0×10^4, -7.0×10^4 > m/s and is located at < 1.00×10^12, -4.00×10^12, 4.00×10^12 > m relative to the center of a cluster of stars. There is only one nearby star that exerts a significant force on the first star. The mass of the second...