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    Dynamics Laminar Flow Problem

    Problem: Two horses pull a barge from rest in a canal filled with a viscous fluid that provides laminar resistance (FR = –kv). The two horses walk on each side of the canal so that their net force is applied exactly forward. The barge has a mass of 3000 kg and the donkeys pull forward with a...
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    Galileo's circle

    Why is it that if you have a circle. If you put any rod from the top center of the circle to any other point on the circle (this would be defined as a chord), then why, if the bead starts at the top, is the time required to slide down any chord independent of the particular chord chosen? I...
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    Dynamics/Kinematics of Particles Help

    [SOLVED] Dynamics/Kinematics of Particles Help Thanks 2 Tesla... SOLVED :)