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    Normal Force Equilibrium

    1. Homework Statement This isn't really a problem but an example in an online lecture. I'm trying to understand everything for when I get to harder questions but am having trouble understanding the "d/b" part of the equation. Homework Equations How does dividing d by b help solve for the...
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    Statics -- Net Moment

    I think haruspex may be correct. They are two separate FBD and the answer to the question is that neither their net force or moment are the same. I may need to over this again. If no new comments are posted, thanks for your time!
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    Statics -- Net Moment

    Homework Statement Homework Equations I can see how the net force is not the same but I'm not getting the net moment. The Attempt at a Solution 12mm x 10N = 120N-mm. How do these two FBDs not have the same net moments. Thanks for any help!