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  1. PhanthomJay

    News This Hurricane Jose is...?

    I find it interesting that most of the tropical forecast "Spaghetti" models put out by the NHC have Jose well out to sea as it tracks off the east coast of the US. But those models do not include the incredibly accurate ECMWF "European" model, which tracks the storm closer to the US east coast...
  2. PhanthomJay

    E to the -y plus trial and error math?

    A co worker has the following equation: 3e^{-.5y} +3e^{-y} + 3e^{-1.5y} + 103e^{-2y} =98.39 Solve for y. Some sort of compound interest bond equation I am told, or something like that. He has been told that to solve for y, one must use a trial and error approach. True??
  3. PhanthomJay

    Hubble's Deep Field View in the long long Future

    I don't know why I let these things bug me, so I figure I'll ask the experts here. We've all seen those Hubble photos of the galaxies in their early formations some 12 billion years ago or so. If Hubble is somehow still around in the year 12 billion AD, and indeed, we assume man is still...
  4. PhanthomJay

    Space between objects when Normal force equals 0

    Ok, so 2 objects in contact with one another exert a normal force pair between the 2, but it is my understanding that they never 'touch' each other, rather, it is the repulsion of the outer electrons that create the electromagnetic 'normal' force. QUESTION 1: Is there physical space betwen the...
  5. PhanthomJay

    Early galaxies in formative stages: where are they now?

    OK , so Hubbell took a picture of an early infant galaxy as it existed 10 billion years ago or so with its light just now reaching its cameras. . We've all seen the pics. Lets call it Galaxy A. I'd like to know, where is that galaxy A now as it presently exists , 10 billion years later in the...
  6. PhanthomJay

    Why is Jupiter so bright right now?

    I couldn't help notice how bright Jupiter appeared last night with the crescent moon and Venus by her side. It appeared almost as bright as Venus. Question: Since Jupiter is on the other side of the sun from Venus right now (right?), shouldn't it be rather dim? I mean it's distance from us...
  7. PhanthomJay

    Can a 4-D Hypercube be projected onto 3-space?

    I've seen many a 4-D 'tesseract' projected onto a 2-D planar surface, even rotating ones projected onto 2D, but I still cannot visualize the 4th spatial dimension (which i guess is technically the 5th dimension, since time is the 4th). So now I am wondering, since I would think for sure that...
  8. PhanthomJay

    Into what dimension is Spacetime Curved?

    I think I may have asked this question a few years ago, but I forget the responses. We know that gravity is the curvature of spacetime in the presence of mass and energy.. The curvature of spacetime was proved by experiment during a solar eclipse, whereby light from a star behind the sun was...
  9. PhanthomJay

    Gigantic Full Worm Moon this Weekend!

    Please join with me this Sunday or Monday when the full moon of the vernal equinox rises over the east horizon just around or after sunset. Finally it will prove that the full moon appears biggest and brightest when it rises over the horizon while at Perigee, its closest approach to Earth. The...
  10. PhanthomJay

    Three Phase to Phase Voltage between different circuits

    Suppose you have a 3-Phase AC transmission line circuit with a phase to phase RMS voltage of 100 kV @120 degrees (100/root3 kV, phase to ground). Now alongside this line is another 100 kV RMS phase to phase 3-phase line. What is the highest RMS voltage that can exist between the near phase...
  11. PhanthomJay

    Coin landing on Edge after fair toss

    What is the probability of a fair coin landing on its edge after being tossed by an unbiased tosser? Is there a way to calculate this? Usually the coin will land either heads or tails, but once in awhile, even when not in the Twilight Zone, it will land on its much is 'once in a...
  12. PhanthomJay

    Virtual particles

    If virtual particles pop into and out of existence in less than the blink of an eye, 1. How much less than a blink...less than 10-43 seconds? 2. Where is this happening now as I front of my eyes, in my next door neighbor's house, or in places far far away..? 3. If some of these...
  13. PhanthomJay

    11 Dimensional M - Theory

    Aside from the math behind the theory, what's the numerical significance of the 11 dimensions in this Universe? I'm not talking about the mathematical solution, but rather, what are the properties of the Universe that limit this number to 11? Or is it as significant or insignificant as the...
  14. PhanthomJay

    Heads I Win!

    Question 1. If I flip an unbiased coin a hundred times, I should get about 50 heads and 50 tails. Once in awhile it will be exacly 50 of each, but usually it will be a 49/51 or 47/53 split or something like that. What is the probabiliy that it will be exactly a 50/50 split? Question2...
  15. PhanthomJay

    Sum of Histories Simultaneous Paths

    OK I'm just starting to read Hawkings new book, and am confused already. I'll never get through the book if I don't understand this: Feynman apparently claims that particles (photons, electrons, carbon molecules), when travelling from A to B, take every possible path to get...
  16. PhanthomJay

    Energy of Dark Matter

    I know that Dark Matter and Dark Energy are 2 different animals. My question is not related to the difference between the 2. My question is, if dark matter exists, and since matter has energy, then dark matter must have energy associated with it. So while I hear a lot about Dark Energy and Dark...
  17. PhanthomJay

    Hawking on 'Sum of Histories'

    I haven't got a copy of Hawking's new book yet ('The Grand Design'), hoping I'll get it as a Christmas present :wink:. But i was quickly thumbing through it (mosly the side flaps) at the bookstore yesterday, and Hawking seems to subscribe to the 'Sum of Histories' theory (?), where the Universe...
  18. PhanthomJay

    A Brane New World

    Before I post my question, I'd first like to remind everyone (who don't already know) that Hawking's new book, "The Grand Design", is available through Amazon, and may also already be in the the bookstores. If it's as good as his last 2, it should be a beauty! Now for my question: A recent...
  19. PhanthomJay

    How close before touching ?

    How close before "touching"? If I slowly lower a book to a table from a height of say 1 m, it is at some point, 0.5m away, then 0.4 m away, etc., until ultimately it rests on the table and I let it lie there. Now i understand (correctly?) that the book is not actually touching the table, there...
  20. PhanthomJay

    Looking Back Through Spacetime in the Future

    Just wondering. The Hubble looks back 13 billion light years and photographs galaxies in their early formative stages not too long after the Big bang. Now lets say 13 billion years from now, if man and woman and galaxies are still alive, the version of the Hubble, in the year 13,000,002,010AD...
  21. PhanthomJay

    Rotating Galaxies

    Does the Milky Way galaxy, along with several other galaxies in the Local Group, orbit about the centre of that Local Group, and does the center of the Local Group orbit about some other center, etc.??, or is it just the stars that orbit their galactic centers?
  22. PhanthomJay

    Dark Matter Energy

    If ordinary matter is related to energy per E=mc^2, then can dark matter also be similarly related, and if so, is there a name for this energy? I understand that "dark energy" (the cosmological constant in the expanding universe) and "dark matter" bear no relationship, so I'm wondering that if...
  23. PhanthomJay

    Planck's Length and the Quantum Theory of Gravity

    Will a Quantum Theory of Gravity help to explain what is going on within the Planck Length? Or what may have went on in the first 10^-43 seconds after the Big Bang? Will it credit or discredit the extra dimensions of Space-Time per String/M-Theory? Or do the Heisenberg and Quantum Uncertainty...
  24. PhanthomJay

    Speed of an electromagnetic wave and gravity

    Suppose a strong electromagnet is attracting a metal object and accelerating it towards the magnet. Suddenly, the power to the magnet is shut off. I presume that the object continues to accelerate for a very very brief period before moving at constant speed, because the electromagnetic wave can...
  25. PhanthomJay

    Very Long Distance Phone Call

    This is probably a repeat question from somone somewhere, but here goes. Please fill in the blanks. I don't need a full explanation, because as much as I tried, I probably wouldn't understand it anyway: Ann and Bob live on Earth. Bob is bored and decides to take a journey to a space station...
  26. PhanthomJay

    Fixed speed of light

    Following up on a recent prior post under a different subject, I would like to know why the speed of light is what it is. I'm not talking about its constancy or its value based on whatever units of measure are chosen, but rather, I am asking what are the factors in the universe that limit its...
  27. PhanthomJay

    The spinning universe

    Ok, so the earth spins around its axis, and around the sun; and the sun spins around the black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy; and that center spins around some other monster black hole at the galactic center of a cluster of galaxies, which, in turn spins about another monster...
  28. PhanthomJay

    Spacetime curvature

    That famous experiment during a solar eclipse, which showed the curvature of light from a star as the light rays passed by the sun, pretty much I gather confirmed Einstein's space time curvature theory. Question: Does spacetime curve into one of those hidden spatial dimensions that M-theory...
  29. PhanthomJay

    Photon acceleration

    I turn on my flashlight and I am told that instantly the photons travel at the speed of light, i.e., their speed reach 'c' in zero seconds. Infinite acceleration? Doesn't seem right. Could something be happening during the planck time that provides some acceleration during that brief period?
  30. PhanthomJay

    Flat Universe and Gravity

    It seems to me that current thinking leans toward an expanding and accelerating universe that is neither positively nor negatively curved, but rather, essentially, 'Flat'. How does this thinking not contradict with the fact that gravity, which surely exists, is the curvature of spacetime in...