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  1. mitochan

    I Question on number of generated worlds in many world interpretation

    Hello. I am curious to learn many world interpretation. In collapse of state 3/5 |0>+ 4/5 |1> to |0> or |1>, it jumps to |0> with probability 9/25 or to |1> with probability 16/25. In many world interpretation I assume 9 worlds of |0> and 16 worlds of |1> so total 25 (or its multiple)...
  2. mitochan

    I Coincidence of FLWR metric coordinate and CBR homogeneous coordinate

    The earth is moving with respect to the CBR at a speed of 390 kilometers per second, I read in the article Does FLWR metric coordinate space coincides with integrated local FRs where CBR is homogeneous, and the Earth is...