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  1. Imtiaz Ahmad

    Rider on a ferris wheel

    how do rider in ferris wheel possess translatory but not rotatory motion?
  2. Imtiaz Ahmad

    Rider on ferris wheel

    How do rider in a ferris wheel possess translatory motion but not rotatory motion?
  3. Imtiaz Ahmad

    Power and voltage

    If we double the voltage and current than power will be A. Double B. Halves C. No change D. Quadruples
  4. Imtiaz Ahmad

    Relationship between voltage, power and current

    Hy, If we double the voltage than what will be double A. power B. Current C. Resistance D. Both a & b
  5. Imtiaz Ahmad

    Research in Physics

    I have no research work in physics but i want please help me what i do?
  6. Imtiaz Ahmad

    Method to learn Physics

    Please Tell how improve my physics concept in better way?
  7. Imtiaz Ahmad

    Current in Series

    hey, sir i have a question why the current remain same in series combination of resistance?