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  1. negitron

    Superbooster™ cell phone booster fraud

    Superbooster™ cell phone "booster" fraud The following image is a freeze-frame from the product ad, as found on the parent website of the marketing company who makes and sells the product: This is an image of a type of RF-based EAS...
  2. negitron

    Lindsay Audiophile Cables

    Yes. [Broken].
  3. negitron

    Need a fastener locking mechanism for #8-32 NC screw.

    I have a .380 auto handgun which uses a #8-32 NC cap-head screw to retain the trigger guard. During firing, the mechanical shock of the cycling action serves to rapidly loosen this screw regardless of the torque used to tighten it down. I cannot use a standard star washer because they're...